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Until recently this blog was ready only by family members, some friends and a few quiet anonymous lurkers. (I know you’re out there, lurkers. I know your IP addresses…)

But there’s always been one page that has received constant daily traffic from people I have no connection to whatsoever. It’s the post where I obsess about hair, including Scarlett Johansson’s hair in Match Point and Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair in Emma. The top search query that leads people to my blog is “Scarlett Johansson hair.” And I will probably get even more of it now that I put those three words in quotes. Shoot.

I do not obsess much about this type of girly stuff. I like looking at cute clothes and pretty dresses but I am not a window shopper. For some reason I find hair far more interesting than clothes and shoes. Which is hilarious if you know how hair-challenged I am. Let’s see every picture ever taken of my hair.

2003: Hair pulled back in a weird bun-ish thing.

untitled crop

2006: Here you can see an overhead view. But I can’t tell you what Elycia finds so funny.

Picture 130.v2

2009: You get the picture.



This can all be explained in a few simple points.

  1. I have a ton of hair. Seriously. Every time I get my hair cut the stylist comments on it.
  2. It is not straight, nor wavy. It is curly, but not curly enough to just be curly on its own.
  3. I suck at doing my hair.
  4. I am lazy.

To be fair to me, no stylist has a clue what to do with it besides blowing it out. And I hate blowing it out. Unless it is very short, blowing it out takes ages. And when it’s very short I can’t do a go-to ponytail, which is the only way I can survive most days.

I don’t really have a solution length-wise. The bun-ish do requires long hair, and it gives you a headache, so I don’t expect to go back to it regularly. These days I’m about shoulder-length, which works for a ponytail and a tiny version of the messed-up bun-ish thing.

Lately, though, I haven’t blown it out hardly at all. Not because the length is unmanageable, but because the color is, frankly, uninspiring. I used to be blonde blonde blonde.


(I also used to be cute. What happened, huh?)

It got darker as I got older. I coped for a while by getting it highlighted but that was short-lived. Finally, last January I took the plunge and went to a nice reddish shade, a bit darker than strawberry-blonde.


I loved it. But then the next go-round it came out a bit too orange. And finally, with a move looming, I decided it wasn’t financially sound to keep paying to go in and get my hair re-done every few weeks. So I had it dyed back to my root color, which is now a blah brown.


I want to go back to red. But there’s no way I can find the time or money to get myself to a salon. Which leaves me with the terrifying option of doing it myself.

I have never dyed my own hair. And red is notoriously difficult to get right and to maintain. Should I bother? Should I try henna? Should I actually do a little research on my own? Of course I should, but the internet is not so trustworthy and my readers are lovely so I thought I’d turn to you.

Do I stick with my mousy blah brown and just play it safe? Is dyeing my own hair an insane idea since I am already hair-challenged?


  1. says

    You had me at Scarlett.

    I would say avoid the Henna. And don’t try to lighten your own hair, it will turn out horribly. My hair dressed dyed my hair red and after 2 weeks it faded so I bought some boxed colour – L’Oreal Ferirea stuff and it worked well. It’s been 2 months and has faded some, but not a ton. Maybe try a box colour that has some red in it but is somewhat close to your natural colour?

  2. says

    I so get where you are coming from. My hair used to have some natural auburn color in it but its faded away to that same blah brown. One thing i tried was a shampoo for red heads by john freida, and it actually after a a while of using it tinted my hair and auburn color, Just an idea! good luck!

  3. says

    I’ll send this post to Merideth. She may have some ideas about what type of box color you can use. She’s the color queen, you know!

    You are beautiful no matter what color your hair!

  4. Merideth Calderwood says

    Hi Jessica! Allison sent me over to help you. First and foremost NEVER do henna. You will have to wait years for it go grow off or you will have to Brittney Spears it and shave your own head bald.

    Second, its sad news to hear but you have to have your hair professionally done. Im not saying this because im a stylist and i want to the hair industry to make more money…. Its true, you cant do it yourself and here is why. 1) Now that you have colored you hair back to natural there is NO way to undo it with out using a color remover or having your hair hightlighted and then re colored. 2. red is a tricky color because when anyone has there hair colored the hair within one inch of the scalp becomes more “orange” while the rest of the hair takes on more of the shade that you were going for (this is probably why it was to orange the second time, the stylist can not use the same formula as she did the first time). The reason for this is because our scalp produces so much heat that it does alot of the work for you- so you have to use a milder formula and compensate for the extra red that we naturally produce.

    As for the cut and styling. I think you should have some bulk removed. I know, I know, you have most likely had such a horrid experience with that because your hair is so thick it probably felt and looked copy. Also, with thick hair like yours the bulk is in the back and NOT around the top layer. There is this product (its not new, but it is not something i have seen alot of stylist use) Its called a Paul Mitchell Carving Comb. When used properly it removes very little hair in one spot, so after a repetitive motion of this it very discreetly decreases the amount of hair you have without leaving it choppy or uneven.

    You should use a product like Bed Head, Control Freak serum (it says stage 3 on the bottle). This is going to reduce the frizz while you let it air dry or blow dry it. Redkin makes a product called Outshine Polishing Milk. It also is a anti frizz product. I prefer to use this dry. It really smooths down your hair ESPECIALLY if you let it hair dry. Your hair will not be strait, it will just look more manageable with the wave. *You can use these products when you blowdry and straighten too. They are excellent at keeping the humidity at bay.
    If you want to go curly Goldwell makes one or two gel like products that work well with air-drying or diffusing with a blow dryer.

    This is just my opinion so, if ive said something that upsets you im sorry…. Email me or find me on Facebook if you have more questions!

  5. says

    Hi Jessica! Found you at DoCo. Just go for it with the at-home color! Worst case scenario is that it turns out awful and you have to pay someone to correct it back to your original color again, and then you’ve learned a lesson. Who doesn’t love a lesson?

    I just colored my hair by myself for the first time since middle school, and it was a definite success! My friend (who is a hairdresser) cautioned me to use semi-permanent color because the color will be more true to advertised (even though you may have to re-do more often), and pick a neutral tone, not warm or cool.

    Have fun and happy coloring!

  6. Teresa says

    My hair has all the same characteristics. Hair dressers always comment on the thickness. I have been dying my own hair since I was 20 (getting grey hairs) and it is easy to get the hang of. You could definitely dye it a shade or two lighter yourself. Any lighter I recommend going to a salon. I find it easy to fit store bought hair colour into my budget and have only gotten it professionally dyed once. Just follow the directions, ensure you are wearing old clothes and old towels and saturate your hair bit by bit, working the colour in with your fingers.

  7. Teresa says

    PS, for maintaining roots, I get Root Touch Up and I mix half of it to do my roots one time, save the rest in the tubes and use it again six weeks later so you get twice your money’s worth.

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