Brunch at Avenue One

It’s always nice to have an event on the weekend! Sunday was my 2nd meetup with the Boston Brunchers, this time we headed out to Avenue One at the Hyatt Regency courtesy of Eversave.

I have to say, I love hotels and I love brunch. I love doing both together. Though my preferred way of combining them is room service. When Eric and I vacation, we are ALL ABOUT THE ROOM SERVICE.

But every now and then one must pull one’s self from the bed and eat breakfast elsewhere. This is a good idea if there is a buffet or you’re vacationing with a group, so you actually have to leave your room every now and then.

Hotel breakfast buffets can be the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. I have had better buffets at mid-level hotels than I have in some fancy-shmancy places so I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to my favorite meal.

So it was great to hear from Executive Chef Kelly Armetta that Hyatt has decided to revamp its breakfast to make it something worth remembering. The focus is on local food, regional specialties and seasonal ingredients.

The new menu rolls out next month and we were excited to get a sneak peek. It helps that Chef Armetta is very enthusiastic about his offerings.

Every buffet must have your standards. You need your eggs and bacon. You need your muffins and bagels. You need your oatmeal. But what if in addition to that oatmeal you also got another kind of oatmeal with peanut butter and chocolate?? (I kid you not. They’re really doing this.)

A blend of the old favorites and new temptations is a great way to please every palate. And if your standards taste exquisite (I can attest that those croissants are the good, melty, buttery good ones rather than the dry ones you get in the coffee shop!) all the better. Also, those strawberries are local fresh picked and deeelicious.

Oh, and along with the strawberries in our fruit spread? YELLOW WATERMELON. Did you have any idea there was such a thing?? Apparently I need to investigate our local ingredients more often!

Now, I am among the savory-loving folks so when I saw this I didn’t quite fall over the way the rest of the crowd did, but I’m guessing this might just get your mouths watering if you have a sweet tooth…

Oh, and that photo is completely untouched and unedited. They really did look like that.

Over at the savory station, though, I caught two dishes that sounded absolutely to-die-for.

This is why I could never order room service here. I wouldn’t know what to pick!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a regional New England menu without lobster, now, would it?

I love that the Lobster Benedict is on Pilgrim Bread, which is basically bread made out of any and every grain you can find. Oh, and Cobb Bacon is bacon smoked on corn cobs. This, the interwebs tell me, is an old tradition from New England the settlers learned from the natives.

Ok, so I’m convinced. Next time I’m at a Hyatt I will skip the cozy-ness of room service for this delicious spread. (FYI: Each Hyatt has its own menu, all planned around local and regional specialties.)

Oh, and if you’re a local Bostonian and don’t know Avenue One, I suggest you consider it. Just check out this adorable terrace smack dab in the middle of downtown, just a couple blocks from the Common. (Chinatown T stop is closest but you’ve got your pick.)

They don’t just do breakfast, and they have some pretty cool happy hour specials if you want to pop in after work. Or if you’ve got friends visiting and want a break from seeing the sights.

As for me, my verdict is definitely very pro-Avenue One. You could tell they put a lot of thought into their menu. But the execution was great. My fancy omelet was delicious, but so were the little pastries. Every little detail was so good. And if you can get out on the Terrace, I definitely recommend it.

Thanks to Eversave, Avenue One and Boston Brunchers for another great Sunday brunch!

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