Brunch on an Odyssey Cruise

I’m a couple weeks late posting about this but there’s been a lot going on. This is yet another one of my exciting adventures with the Boston Brunchers and the 2nd time I won a brunch!

This time, the winners got to bring a guest to dine with Odyssey Cruises in Boston Harbor.

I was excited for several reasons.

  • Brunch. (Obviously.)
  • Unlocking the “I’m on a Boat!” badge on Foursquare.
  • Getting to do some sightseeing, which I never get to do!

For my guest, I brought along my sister Sarah, who’s just relocated to the Northeast. She was lucky enough to pick this one day to visit and I couldn’t help but bring her along. (Sorry, Eric! Next time!!)

We made our way to the dock to see our giant boat.

The boat has several decks, one of which was full of an elaborately dressed wedding party. I felt bad for them, in all their suits and heavy dresses, since it was hot hot hot outside.

It was very air-conditioned on board so we all got nice and comfortable. There were lots of windows and pretty much any seat had an amazing view.

Most of us brunchers were so caught up in the sights that we didn’t do very well at taking pictures of the food. Myself included.

This was a Sunday Brunch cruise and included a breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and a dessert buffet. I was able to eat a little (not as much as I would’ve liked, thanks to morning sickness) but I really liked the breakfast potatoes. I munched on them continuously. Your breakfast buffet was pretty standard. Pastries, eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast.

I have to say the lunch buffet looked pretty outstanding. Sarah partook heartily and gave me a solid thumbs up. There were tons of choices. Chicken, pasta, veggies, fish, etc.

The dessert buffet seemed to rotate from thing to thing, but you can’t really go wrong with a chocolate fountain, can you?

The ship boarded at 11, left the dock at 12 and came back at 2. Ample time for dining. During the second half of the cruise there was a small band playing for anyone who wanted to get on the dance floor.

I have to say, the views from the harbor were pretty amazing.

This is a 100% unedited picture. Gorgeous, no?

Plenty of long-time Bostonians among our crew said they’d never seen the city this way before. It didn’t hurt that it was a beautiful day.

After eating, we headed up to the top 2 decks to bask in the sun. (You’re welcome to take your drinks up with you.)  For a little extra excitement, we were right next to a Veteran’s Boat Parade. (I never knew there was such a thing as a boat parade.)

We all got just a tad sunburnt, but no one could resist the breeze and the sun and the water. It was heavenly.

I went back in after a while to make sure I didn’t bake too badly and still had a lovely view from the table. Plus there was still dessert out to munch on.

And since I had company, I even managed to snag a picture of myself that WASN’T taken in a mirror.

(And for those who may be wondering, this is my infamous MAXI DRESS. Also the infamous weirdly-shaped belly.)

The Odyssey has regular cruises in Boston Harbor. You can check their site for more information. I know many of their offerings are dinner cruises, though I think the sunny brunch cruise is perfect for its lovely views.

I would definitely recommend it, especially if you’ve got some sightseers who want something fun while they’re in town. You can eat brunch anywhere, but you can’t always have that cruise.

And there’s this:

This ain't Seaworld, this is as real as it gets, I'm on a boat, MF'er, don't you ever forget!

I received this complimentary brunch for 2 aboard the Odyssey courtesy of a contest run by The Odyssey and Boston Brunchers. Hooray for winning!



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