State of the Bug: July 2011

I’m kinda low on pictures, since I’ve had a lot of Bug-related posts this month. So sorry that this one isn’t quite as cute as normal.

It’s also not going to be organized the same way as I have because we’re looking at some very specific stuff right now.

Expressive Communication

This, of course, is always going to be the top of the list.

They actually counted all the words Graham uses and he’s at 20. This is a few more than I thought, so I’m pleased. That puts him around 6 months behind instead of 12, which is what I’d worried about.

He has his first sentence: “Where are you?” Sure, he thinks it’s one word, but we’re counting it.

Another big step: he not only says “no,” but the therapists have been pushing “yes,” which he’ll now use without being prompted. He is starting to be a little more proactive about using words when requesting something. The other day when he wanted raisins, he said “mo ray-ray yeah” which means “more raisins yes.” We were all pleased.

While we’re building vocabulary and we’ve finally got a speech therapist coming in, Graham still resorts to crying or whining much of the time instead of using words. We’re working on it.


During Graham’s IFSP this came up a lot. Especially because he didn’t show weight gain at his last pediatrician appointment. We spent a long time giving Graham food if he requested a particular item.

Now he’s used to it. So he’s not thrilled about our new approach, where we’re trying to give him specific things. We have had some success by giving him 1 item, and then rewarding him with a desired food when he eats a few bites. But now we’re going to try and meld them, offering him 2 choices a few times until he picks one. And if the item he chooses isn’t one of our preferred, healthy foods, he’ll have to eat a few bites of something else first.

This is the first Graham’s really had to deal with not getting what he wants when he’s able to communicate it. We’re definitely seeing an increase in tantrums. But we’ve had a decent amount of success, too. Hopefully in a couple weeks he’ll be doing better.


I’m planning a post on this because getting Graham to play with anything besides trains and trucks is a challenge. We’ve sought out toys with a specific purpose and structure. So far he’s doing okay with them.

He’s doing pretend play and we continue to encourage it. Unfortunately whatever item he’s pretending with eventually becomes a train to him. Working on it.

We still go back and forth between good and bad days. I struggle because I’m so tired lately. But I’m pleased with our progress. Not such a bad month.


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