The Ruffle-Butt Controversy

So it’s Black Friday. I am not going to shop because I am not crazy. But I will shop online and get a few deals. And, of course, because there is a baby girl coming to this house soon I must occasionally indulge myself in a teensy bit of baby clothes shopping.

Carter’s is 50% off today and they do have some of my favorite baby stuff so I went over to pick up my standard multi-packs of baby onesies. I always like to get a couple pairs of baby pants, especially since it’ll be chilly, so I took a look to see what their was.

And this is what I saw:


I backed away slowly, as I do from many other baby girl clothes. The tutus and dresses and leggings and bows. They scare me a bit because I’ve never been much of a girly-girl. And it isn’t helped by the fact that the only baby I’ve had is a boy. There is no such thing as Ruffle Butt in boy pants.

I took my confusion to Twitter, as I am wont to do.

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That is when the Ruffle Butt Defenders arose. Among their claims:

“I wear jeans and long-sleeved Ts. My kid wears adorable leggings and pants and purple sparkly shoes and it’s NUTS.”

“YES TO THE RUFFLEBUTT!! I was skeptical too, but SO cute!!”

“awwww ruffle butt! Love!”

Sometimes Twitter is useful to show you when you’re wrong and you must accept defeat. (Like the time I asked Twitter if my husband was weird for listening to Grey’s Anatomy music. Twitter shot me down. Apparently it is not at all weird for a man to listen to girly music from a show he does not watch.)

I started to waver.

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But then the Ruffle-Butt Offensive kicked into high gear.

“I join you in your disdain.”

“We got a ton of ruffle butt pants as gifts. I’m keeping em cause she’ll need pants in Jan/Feb but not a huge fan”

“personally i don’t understand the butt ruffles.”

“I’m not a parent, but I am a professional aunt. I am also very anti-butt-ruffle.”

“just say no!”


Get ready, y’all! It’s a Ruffle-Butt Smackdown!!

Do you rage against the Ruffle-Butt? Or do you succumb to the girly sweetness?


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    Just say no to butt ruffles! I just feel like it draws unnecessary attention to the tushy, which is something no woman wants, regardless of age. But that’s just me and my size 18 butt talking.

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    As I mentioned on Twitter, I am not a fan. I think little girls are adorable in denim or brightly colored corduroy overalls, so that’s what she’ll transition into after the jammie phase ends.

    And that will be a loooong phase.

    However, I am a huge fan of baby leg warmers, as twee as they may be. I like pink. She is going to have cute little pigtails when she has enough hair, but big infant bows drove me nuts. I plan to get her little All-Stars when she can walk, and I was excited that Babies R Us has Jolly Roger socks. (In the boys’ section. I don’t care.)Clearly I’m a mass of contradictions.

    But my heart just melts at the sight of a girl who has obviously dressed herself in her favorite rainbow tights, tutu, and sparkly shirt. We plan on letting her pick out her own (weather appropriate) clothes from the age of two until the point where we have to start banning booty shorts and crap like that.
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    I come from the other side. My first was a girl, and I reveled in all the cute pink ruffly fluffy girl things. Then I had twin boys and was taken down from my love of baby clothes by how blah little boys’ clothes are. So I understand, from the complete opposite end of the baby clothes spectrum….
    BonnieKorman recently posted..The Ruffle-Butt Controversy

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    OK, obviously I am a bit bias on this discussion, but I do hear ya! I just wanted to give my input…as an adult, I found myself reminiscing with my mom about my “ruffle butt” days. She laughed about how much I loved my little ruffled bloomers that she called my “ruffle butts”. It was then, actually pre-children for me, that I was inspired to start Now, four years later, my daughter begs to wear her RuffleButts (shorts, pants, swimsuits, you name it!). Turns out I was quite the tom-boy in later years and even refused to wear skirts, but I must admit I do just smile from ear to ear at the site of my little girly girl in her RuffleButts. Knowing that it goes by oh so quickly, I treasure her ruffle-ness for now.

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