Time Isn’t On My Side

Lately I feel weirdly incompetent. It’s not that I don’t get anything done. I do A LOT. But pretty much everything in our household routine has been on pause due to all of the madness going on, so despite my busy-ness, I feel wanting.

This coming week should let up a little, but I am still trying to figure out how to get stuff done given our situation.

Basically, our week looks like this:

Monday: 8-11 therapy    12-3 nap

Tuesday: 8-12 therapy   12-3 nap   3-5 therapy

Wednesday: 8-12:15 therapy    12:15 – 2:30 nap    2:30-6 therapy

Thursday: 8-12 therapy   12-3 nap

Friday: 8-12:30 therapy  12:30-3 nap   3-4 therapy

Soooo yeah. Not a whole lot of time on weekdays. Bug’s bedtime is 7:30, and when we have double therapy I like to give him a light evening since he’s worked during the day.

On the days where we get off easier, like Monday and Thursday, I technically have time to do my errands. But there’s also things like doctor’s appointments to schedule and the occasional makeup therapy session. There’s also our speech therapist who we tend to schedule from one week to the next, so that varies.

Oh, and there’s also things like my stupid Braxton Hicks contractions. Currently the Bug is done with therapy in about an hour. But I’m having insane contractions that hurt like a mother so I know going to the grocery store is going to be pure torture. Especially if the Bug isn’t in the mood.

It’s when I look at this schedule that I occasionally wish I had a husband who worked normal hours. This married to a doctor stuff is no picnic. Oh, and the pregnancy bit doesn’t help. I’m usually too tired and prone to contractions after he gets home to schedule a Bug-free grocery run. Most weekends he has to work at least one day, so I try my best to get a Bug-free visit then.

Time to cook is another issue. I’m planning to spend some quality time with my crock pot because at least that way I can do a good amount of my work during therapy.

It’s not that I can’t do stuff during therapy. I really should use my time there better, with more light cleaning and cooking prep. (And more knitting. I’m still not done with my baby blanket. I need to get to work!) But therapy is prime blogging time. And I like to be there to see what Graham’s doing and keep tabs on things in general.

So far I just haven’t found a way to make this all work. (Probably because we’ve been going all over town for this and that whenever we have a free moment.) I’m hoping as things slow down I can find something remotely resembling a routine.

Or maybe I will just continue to live in this day-to-day-scraping-by mode until after the baby comes and I’m recuperated and things will be so much easier. (That was sarcasm.)


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