Brunch at the Lansdowne Pub

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There are lots of things that are quintessentially Boston. The Freedom Trail. Harvard Square. Southie. But on Sunday I had a brunch that was about as Boston as you can get.

Here’s what I saw when I stepped out of my car.

That would be Fenway. (I didn’t have to tell you that, right?)

Sitting down to an Irish Breakfast at a pub right across the street from Fenway made me feel about as Bostonian as I can get.

This was another fabulous outing with the Boston Brunchers, this time our destination was the Lansdowne Pub. This isn’t one of those tiny Irish pubs where everyone is jammed close together. This place has plenty of room and plenty of ambience.

My blurry phone pics obviously don’t do it justice. But you can tell it’s a great place to party after a Red Sox game. What you may not have known is that it’s a great place for a weekend brunch. Who would’ve thought?

The Lansdowne opens at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday so you can pre-game there. Or stop in before you hit Newbury Street.

Pubs can be great fun. And they’re usually reliable for great drinks. The question for many of us is, how’s the food?

I’m pleased to answer that it is spectacular.

Our group tried several different breakfast items. The Pancakes with Strawberries and Bailey’s Whipped Cream made an appearance. There were several diehard fans of an Irish Breakfast. As for me, I had a tough time making up my mind. I usually prefer savory brunch dishes, but lately I’ve had a bit of a sweet tooth. I gave serious consideration to the Stuffed French Toast with chocolate and bananas. But in the end I went savory and chose the Lansdowne Pie.

Once again, my terrible camera photo does NOT do it justice. The pie had a nice crust and then was layered like I’ve never seen. Eggs, potatoes, Irish ham, cheese, spinach and onions. On the top was a tasty cheesy crust. It didn’t fall apart when I took a bite, it was one well-built pie.

I often order omelets because I love eggs with other tasty stuff. But this pie was far more satisfying than an omelet. Something about baking all these things together had it moist and creamy and the flavors all blending together. It was creamier and more delectable than a quiche, even if it was a kind of similar idea. The egg held everything together and tasted great without dominating the dish.

It came with a good size order of home fries, which are one of those sides that either shine or fail miserably. Mine had the perfect amount of onions and peppers with them so I just dabbed them in a teensy bit of ketchup instead of having to smother them to make up for lackluster taste.

Like any good brunch there were a variety of drink specials. They had your trusty mimosa and Bloody Mary. But the Brunchers ordered lots of their coffee drinks, with names like Liquid Caramel Coffee and Muddy River. I, of course, could not imbibe and looked on with envy. Everyone seemed VERY pleased with their drinks.

I would be more than happy to return. In fact, I’d kind of like to do a Lansdowne Pub brunch and a Fenway tour, something I still haven’t done. (In the winter, tours run on the hour from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) Kenmore Station on the Green B, C and D lines is just a couple blocks away. And in the morning I found parking easy to come by.

I don’t know that this makes me Boston Irish, but I sure did feel like it for a little while.

Thanks to the Boston Brunchers and to Lansdowne Pub for providing our group with a complimentary brunch item of our choice. A review was not required, all opinions are my own.


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    Great meeting you Sunday! Terrific post–you really captured the fun spirit of the place. I think I should have ordered the pie instead of the pancakes, but next time . . .


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