Brunch with Bakers’ Best Catering

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it out with the Boston Brunchers at the end of February. After all, I had a baby coming and I had no idea when she’d arrive or how my recovery would go. Lucky for me she came a little early and I was feeling great.

Even luckier for me, this brunch was with Bakers’ Best Catering. The last few months I was at work we switched to Bakers’ Best for our weekly lunches and I was really impressed with their food. Picking out the next week’s menu was a highlight of my Friday. They worked with our relatively modest budget, their staff was always great and the food never disappointed. It was awesome to have a real meal instead of sad sandwiches.

I knew they’d closed their restaurant to focus on their catering business and I was eager to see what their brunch offerings were, as I’d only had the lunches.

Our little crew headed out to the Bakers’ Best kitchen in Needham. As we mingled and got to know the staff, we were greeted with a cornerstone of any New England brunch: Bloodies.

(I didn’t partake of any alcohol this time around, but damn those looked awesome.)

We took a tour through the kitchen, which was basically any foodie’s dream: large, spacious, bright. They go to a lot of effort to give their customers the best and you can tell.

As we strolled we got to try some hors d’oeuvres. The Brunchers raved about the “Everything” Bagel bite, with gravlax and pickled onions. I was absolutely smitten by the sweet potato hash in a bacon cup. A BACON CUP, PEOPLE.

After our tour we got down to business with the main event. We had a great set up courtesy of Peterson Party Center. (And I learned that the color for this year is tangerine. Who knew?)

At the table was a lovely pastry basket. I loved the jelly donut muffin, which is pretty much how you’d picture it: sugar sprinkled outside, jelly inside and very tasty. The lemon blueberry scones had a nice bright taste of lemon that was fresh without being overwhelming. The biggest highlight, though, was the whipped lavender butter that we put on everything. It was divine.

Then came an amuse: a tiny waffle egg sandwich with turkey sausage, camembert and tomato jelly.

That is a quail egg, you can see how tiny it is compared to the fork on the left. We stacked up our sandwiches and ate up. It was a lovely little sandwich, I was especially fond of the turkey sausage which had just enough of a bite. (I am such a sucker for good sausage. This was a really good sausage.)

The main spread was a sight to behold.

In the middle of the table you can spy the three kinds of mini quiches. Can we all agree that a good quiche is a thing of real beauty in your mouth? I adore them. And mini quiches are the kind of thing I would never make myself but can eat all day long. The quiches were: spinach, leek and mushroom; tomato, asparagus and feta; and applewood bacon and caramelized onion. A confession: I am not a mushroom lover, but I happily devoured that mushroom quiche. The flavors mixed well and all three quiches were unique, from the lighter tomato/asparagus to the veggie-heavy spinach/mushroom.

Next was the beet ravioli with field greens, shaved fennel and a citrus vinaigrette.

Another confession: I am not much of a beet person. But I was enchanted by these little “raviolis” made from perfectly sliced beets with a little filling. A ravioli with the salad on your fork was a great bite. I loved it. The salad was really tasty and perfectly dressed. And how gorgeous is that plate?

Finally we got the challah french toast, with hot maple syrup and toppings that included fresh berries and bananas foster. Going crazy with french toast seems to be all the rage these days, stuffing it with this and that. But this was done the old school way and done right. Great, thick bread with a fabulous syrup. I had to remind myself that I had the bananas to go with it because the toast itself was an event.

The food was great, the people were great and the kitchen was pretty amazing. (There was also sparkling wine for mimosas courtesy of Brix Wine Shop.) The Brunchers had a great time. (When do we not??)

Thanks to Bakers’ Best for providing our group with brunch free of charge. To take part in this brunch I agreed to post a review, all opinions here are my own. 



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