Baby Picture Blast

Technically I’m home solo all week, but really I’m not transitioned back to real life yet. Last week my friend Kathy came over four out of five weekday afternoons. And next week Eric is off work. So while the day to day is technically real life, I don’t have to do it for the long haul yet.

Still, it’s busy enough to make blogging difficult. I’ve been putting together a bunch of back posts for a series for New Moms, which can be done one-handed while I hold Tesser. But actual posting, full-on two-handed posting, that is harder to come by.

One thing I can do one-handed is take pics with my camera. So while I may not be able to type out a whole story, I can give you some lovely little baby pics. (And toddler pics.)

Our little Tesser is still quite little. You can tell as she still sports some prime Baby Old Man Face.

2012 03 18 16 43 48 32 Baby Picture Blast

2012 03 18 16 44 08 936 Baby Picture Blast


We had gorgeous weather last week. Grammer wanted to go outside and “play wi friends.” He gave a car in exchange for this pom pom. (The friends were all girls.)

2012 03 18 18 23 27 940 Baby Picture Blast

Can you tell he’s gotten better at saying cheese for the camera?

This is where Tess spends most of her day:

2012 03 19 09 58 40 685 Baby Picture Blast

She is usually awake, though. I live much of the day with my feet propped up on the table like so. Gives my arms a break for more serious fussiness.

Of course, when Kathy was here, Tessa was in the lap of luxury.

2012 03 22 13 15 41 114 Baby Picture Blast

I kinda sorta forgot about that whole tummy time thing until Tessa’s 4-week appointment. So we’ve just pulled out Graham’s old playmat. The Bug had to get in on the action.

2012 03 21 18 07 05 364 Baby Picture Blast

It’s unfortunate that our transition with the new baby overlaps with Graham’s tendency to skip his nap. In an effort to get him to sleep, I brought him into bed with Tessa and I. It was supremely adorable.

2012 03 21 14 24 20 48 Baby Picture Blast

The Bug enjoys snack time at playgroup. It’s like watching a baby business lunch.

2012 03 20 11 36 38 892 Baby Picture Blast

Today the weather was cold again. Before we headed out for playgroup, Tessa got all bundled up.

2012 03 27 10 36 38 130 Baby Picture Blast

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’ll be sure to keep snapping away when I can.


  1. Laura says

    This is the BEST POST! More photos are requested!!!! I hope you are feeling better. If you and Tessa want a little change of scenery next week, you’re welcome any day to try out Jack’s old playmat and baby toys 🙂

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