Lazy Eaters: Foodler Review

It’s not at all uncommon to find Eric and I at home late in the evening with nothing ready for dinner.

We are suckers for food delivery.

Luckily we live in a big city where the delivery options are more than just pizza. And luckily more and more restaurants are getting with the times and allowing for online ordering. Online ordering is the best, no phone calls where you’re not exactly sure that the person on the other end got your order right. You get documentation. I am a lawyer. I like documentation.

Most restaurants these days aren’t hip with the times enough to have their own ordering on their website. Luckily there’s Foodler. The basic idea of Foodler is that you get a whole list of restaurants that deliver to your address.

After you give them your street address, you get a list of restaurants to order from. They’re divided by cuisine, but you also get to see user reviews and cost. They also always have specials on the right side of the screen. You can browse as much as you want before you make any order.

We decided to try Phu-Ket, a Thai place that we’ve never had before. Even though we’d never had their food, Foodler provided us with their entire menu.

There’s your whole menu, complete with ingredients. For Eric’s Masaman Curry, I could select the kind of protein (tofu, chicken, beef, etc.) and the level of spiciness. There’s also a space to add special instructions.

(One problem you can run into with any kind of online ordering when it’s an Asian place is whether or not rice is included. I ordered a side of rice just in case, and was glad I did. Though I guess it’s not just online ordering. We’ve had the same problem with takeout and phone delivery orders.)

Foodler lets you login and create an account. They have a rewards program where you can accumulate points. I’ve heard the points program can be dicey, but this time we got to take advantage of the special deal with this restaurant where we got some Foodler Bucks to use on our next order. (You can see the coupon in red in the previous picture on the right.)

Most restaurants I’ve seen on Foodler have several coupons available for you to use. They’re usually for discounts or a free item with your meal. It’s easy to add them to your order.

Another nice thing about going back to the same site? They keep a log of your orders so you don’t forget which restaurants you used.


Yeah, you can tell exactly what our old Chinese place was… And that Eric loves Beef & Broccoli. You can also see our Indian Thanksgiving order, a 2-year tradition at our house. Foodler is great for Thanksgiving because it divides up restaurants that are currently open and those that aren’t. So we knew that we could get Indian even though everything else was closed. (Also useful if you’re ordering at 2 a.m.)

Also useful when you’re ordering somewhere new? There are star ratings from other users and you can see how often dishes are ordered. I was debating about going with Pad Thai and my favorite Pad See Ew. (Called Noodles Tender Beef at Phu-Ket.) I ended up going with the Pad See Ew seeing that it was pretty popular and sure enough it was the best Pad See Ew I’ve had.

We got our food in 30 minutes. (Awesome.)

There was a little mixup. Apparently you can’t use more than one coupon, since our Rebate for the Foodler bucks went through, but the coupon for a free order of egg rolls disappeared when our order went through. (That’s okay. I ordered dumplings anyway. Mmmmm dumplings.)

As is often the case in the city, some restaurants may have delivery fees, though Foodler itself is free. I find myself going there often since we tend to get in a rut and always order from the same places. With Foodler I can browse and see what else is available. (Not that we always choose to branch out, but still.)

The site may not be the prettiest but it’s easy to use. And I didn’t have to cook. Win win.

Thanks to Foodler for providing a $15 credit to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own.



  1. lakisha says

    This Place has the worst customer service department. I placed an order for the second time they got the order wrong and forgot to include silverware and ketchup. What can I do with a burger and fries with NO ketchup. So I call to inquire..I’m forwarded to another company I gotta eat.. I guess they are a vendor for foodler. I finally get foodler on the phone the individual was very insensitive told me foodler was just a portal and he did not have to even listen to my complaint. And they were not responsible. WELL WHO IS!! I received the confirmation email from foodler so who is responsible???

    • says

      Because Foodler just offers the ordering service, any problems have to be placed directly with the restaurant you order from. Foodler just provides the ability to put your order in. Once we had a driver get lost and ended up just driving back to the restaurant. We talked to the restaurant and Foodler was great with us about cancelling the order. But definitely go to the restaurant first and any issues with charges can go through Foodler then.

      • Brittany says

        Ordered from Foodler last night. I recently started using this delivery service frequently in the past 2 weeks, sometimes they take a bit longer than anticipated, but at least got the job done. Yesterday evening, upon another late delivery, I realized an entree was missing and my dessert order was short. I continuously called the number listed on their page (and confirmation email) and received no response. The phone just continuously rings. I proceeded to contact the restaurant directly. They advised that the order was picked up complete and to contact foodler directly (they believed the delivery service neglected to give me an additional bag). I texted the number that indicates food is about to arrive that there were items missing from my order. I received an initial response asking what the items were and then texts completely ceased. This is a highly unprofessional company that lacks any customer service.

        I’m baffled that this is how they do business. I paid $10.95 for an additional entree and $9.50 for a dessert I only received half of. After writing a comment on their “Contact Us” page, since there is obviously no other way to reach a rep from this company, I received the following response: “At, we take care to confirm your order immediately after you place it online. If the restaurant confirms all of the delivery details with us, then we send you the confirmation email. Unfortunately, the rest of the process (delivery service, quality of food, etc.) is out of our hands. Regardless, I apologize.” I’m stunned that they don’t even offer a reimbursement or try to resolve the order to deliver the food I ordered & paid for. Complete rip off. I’ve sent them yet another e-mail when they reached out to me to “please rate your order.” This business is totally unreliable – they take no responsibility for the delivery process or customer service at all. I will never use Foodler again, what a joke. Will be making it a point to use GrubHub in the future! You’ve been forewarned about Foodler.

  2. Charmaine says

    I just used this service and spent $36.00 for Chinese Food that arrive cold. My sizzling rice soup had no sizzle, my musu was cold…What a waste of money.

  3. Ash says

    We placed an order for the first time and after an hour of waiting, I downloaded the app to see if I could get an update on delivery time. The app indicated our order was cancelled, so we called and were reassured twice that the order was “live” and still coming to us. After another 40 minutes of waiting, we called again and were told the order had indeed been cancelled because the restaurant was out of one of the items and that they had attempted to contact us. Not only did I have no missed calls or voicemails from the company, we had already been assured this wasn’t the case. We will never use this service again – NOT worth it.


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