Serving it Up Family Style at Maggiano’s

The first time I went to Maggiano’s was in Minneapolis, Eric and I had been dating for a few months and this was the first time I met his family. He was getting ready to run the Twin Cities marathon and I was getting ready for the long painful process of cheering him on and eating brunch.

We took part in that age-old ritual of pre-race carbo loading and off to Maggiano’s we went.

I feel like all Maggiano’s pics should be retro-fied because they have such a great old-school feel.

Don’t we look young and in love?

It was a great dinner, filled with lots of carb-y goodness for my runner. Thanks to those great memories I was more than happy to come back to Maggiano’s in Boston. And I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that the night before the Boston Marathon is one of their busiest nights of the year.

Some other lovely bloggers and I sampled lots of tasty treats. Having come for the carbs before, I hadn’t realized that Maggiano’s had such a great menu. They were really sensitive to our crew, including being aware of allergies and even providing vegan options. All you have to do is ask. For example, while most of us gobbled up our old school Caprese salad:

They also brought out an on-the-fly vegan version just for our bunch.

All us non-vegans saw it and said, “Um, I will have that, too, please!” Usually at restaurants I never think to order off the menu, so it’s great to see Maggiano’s so happy to accommodate.

I had Tesser and Grammer along so I was a bit busy. At one point I sat down and began to load up my plate.

Me: I’ll have some of that chicken parmesan, please.

Others: Oh, that’s actually fried mozzarella.

Me: Well in that case I will have ALL OF IT, please.

They also took great care of our little chefs, giving them a make-your-own pizza lesson.

I wondered if maybe Graham was too young so I started out helping him. Turns out, this kid is a natural.

He’s been curious about pizza for a while, but has only eaten it a couple times. This was a great success, although in typical kid fashion, he picked off the pepperonis to eat them first. Since then he’s eaten it at home a few times and despite inexplicable tantrums while I prep it (I make him pizzas on pita bread) he happily eats it up when it’s done. And it means pepperoni is now on the list of meats he will eat. (It’s a short list.)

Maggiano’s is the kind of place you can go for a big celebration or a casual dinner. They have a bunch of banquet rooms. You can do family style or a la carte. They’re more than just that classic pasta. They’re now open for lunch, with a sandwich menu in addition to their classic pastas.

Plus they now do some delivery (limited area, of course) and do take-out. Maggiano’s Boston is downtown, they provide all the dishes and silverware, so you can have the best picnic on the Common EVER. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

Oh, and I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic, but their sangria was dee-lish.

Eric and I love to sit down for a nice dinner together, but we also love wearing jeans. (Notice he has a sweatshirt rather than a suit jacket in the picture.) We like the option of bringing Graham and knowing there are things on the menu he’ll eat. (I’m even happier now knowing I can ask them to throw something together to fit whatever preferences he has that day. Right now it would be pasta with butter and some raw veggies or steamed green beans.)

I doubt we’ll have much difficulty bringing Graham back. Here’s his very first restaurant review.

Thanks to Maggiano’s Boston for a delightful lunch. Food was free of charge and I received a cd from their Make a Wish fundraiser. Also, thanks for the adorable kid-size chef hat.


  1. Jenny says

    OMG – that video is so cute & so amazing. To know that at 18 months, he was not doing all of that & he’s not even 3 & he can do that kind of talking & interacting & be spontaneous like that with it – so beautiful.

  2. Julie Dennehy says

    Fantastic review and I love the old photo and Graham’s first review…”bye errybodeee!” So glad you both had fun – come back anytime!

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