Wet and Wild

The Bug, like many toddlers, frequently goes back and forth between fear and impulsiveness. You can never quite be sure if he’s going to love a new thing or refuse to go near it. Even with something he loves, you can never be sure he’ll still love it tomorrow.

So I’ve been consistently surprised at how he never falters in his love of water.

Recently our complex had their annual cookout. Last year the Bug and I went by ourselves, brand new, knowing no one, and didn’t stick around long. This year I had to drag him away. Apparently all you need is a sprinkler to get this kid really excited.

As it was nearly 100 degrees outside, I’d bet he was significantly more comfortable than the rest of us.

This picture really doesn’t make it clear just how sopping wet he is. His shorts kept falling down, they were so heavy with water. And his sandals still weren’t dry the next day.

It looks like we’ll be spending a lot of the summer in the water. (Or at least near it.) The Bug has a long history with spray parks.

Spray parks are everywhere in Boston. They’re not nearly as common down here in Texas, which I find rather perplexing. Nevertheless, we took a little drive to a nice little spray park for the cousins to play in.

The boys spent most of the time on opposite sides of the spray park, but eventually we got them to go out together. Holding hands, even!

Meanwhile, Tesser slept in her stroller (with SnoozeShade, of course–and just a reminder, you can still get a 20% discount on SnoozeShades using the promo code in my sidebar…), and my sister Andrea and I sat in the shade sipping Large Diet Cokes. A pleasant afternoon for all.

At the spray park, Graham is fearless. He happily runs right into the water. There are plenty of things he’s still scared of, but water sure doesn’t seem to be one of them. I was always a water baby, but I was more of a swimmer and not such a fan of spray. I’m thinking maybe we’ll try and get Graham in swim lessons if we can.

As for Tessa, since we arrived she’s developed a strong aversion to baths. No idea why. But I don’t know that we’ll be taking her in the water any time soon.


  1. Jenny says

    Ah, sensory fun with water. I could write a five paragraph essay on all the obsessions & aversions my son has concerning water or anything wet. And how one day’s love becomes another day’s terror.
    I’ve never been to a spray park myself – never heard of them actually until last year when friends of mine posted pics of their kids in them. Clearly, I’ve lived a deprived life.

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