Art That Makes a Statement

As a blogger, I see more than my fair share of people who have an eye. You know, those people who just make everything pretty. There’s Allison’s beautifully DIY’ing her way through her dining room…

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and Melanie’s gorgeous eye for food… (her new site is GORGEOUS, you guys!)

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and soooo many more. There are always people making things look beautiful. And people making their homes look beautiful.

This is not one of my talents.

I’m not particularly stylish. I do not have an eye for decor. I do not scour Pinterest for things I will never be able to do.

Our walls have been mostly empty, and it doesn’t help that we generally live in bland, boring apartments with Ikea furniture.

When it comes to cute, the best I can manage is that I made a couple cute kids.

But I’m grateful for the people who have an eye and put it to good use. Thanks to them I have one thing I’m happy to hang on my wall.

Alphabet Photography Logo 610x224 Art That Makes a Statement

Lots of things are hard for me. Things like color. And finding a frame. And where to find something good for my walls. But I was immediately enjoying Alphabet Photograhy‘s concept.

They went around the world taking beautiful pictures, but not just any pictures. They took pictures of buildings, sculptures, railings, benches, anything that looked like a letter of the alphabet. And you can build your own piece of word art out of them.

(I do keep up enough to know that word art is very in right now. But I doubt you’ll find any font as cool as these pics.)

Here’s a look at just a few of your options for the letter A, for example:

alphabet photography 1 Art That Makes a Statement

So many choices. And while they’re all in various black and white, the tone and shade varies so much. You can go classic. You can go edgy. Or you can mix and match to create a variety of moods. I spent well over an hour playing.

The only problem someone like me has is choosing a word.

I went through a lot of options but could never quite pick one in particular. I couldn’t do just one child’s name… I didn’t know where we’d hang it or what would happen if we moved to a new apartment… so I kept it simple:


Name art is always good. It can go in any room.

So I put in my order and I waited for my package…

 Art That Makes a Statement

It was big and beautiful, even before I unwrapped it. I love the size. It makes a definite statement.

 Art That Makes a Statement

Big lovely chocolate frame. I was immediately in love with how solid it was. This is not a skimpy frame.

These are my favorite letters:

 Art That Makes a Statement

(Those are not imperfections, just the reflection of the room off the glass.)

That Guggenheim V… I admit, it’s one of the reason I kept going back to Severson, I adore it.

The only decision left: where to hang it. Ultimately I chose our accent wall. I’ve always been proud of it. I chose the color to be bright and eye-catching without going too sharp. It manages to be soft and pleasant and match everything. The color is great against the black and white of the piece.

alphabet photograhy 2 Art That Makes a Statement

This is a big piece of art, yet it’s also simple and lovely. It’s a reminder to me that I need to be more gutsy and just go for it when it comes to decorating. I also love the dark frame with the dark wood of our bookcase.

It’s definitely classier than the rest of the room. Gives me something to aspire to, right?

alphabet photography 3 Art That Makes a Statement

Hmm. The room does look a little prettier in a frame…

(And one question. I think it’s time to be done with the B-U-G for Bug. Maybe move it to Graham’s room. But I don’t like having it in the living room and it does seem kind of mean to Tesser, no? Eric wants to leave it be. I dunno, our new SEVERSON art looks so nice on the wall, I’d like to see it up there all by itself.)

You can make your own word and play with all the beautiful letter pictures at

If you have other decorating-challenged people in your family, this is a great gift. Or if you just want something cool to spruce up your walls, go for it.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Alphabet Photography through SITS Girls. I received my artwork free of charge.


  1. JoLee says

    I love it. What a cool idea. (I also love the line: “I do not scour Pinterest for things I will never be able to do.” I so relate.) I agree that Bug should move to the Bug’s bedroom.

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