Bath FUN for Kids

Let me tell you a little bit about my dream of a perfect world…

It has just a few simple ingredients.

1. Book

2.  Clawfoot Bathtub

All that’s missing?

#3: LUSH Bath Bomb.

If you’ve never had a LUSH bath bomb, I recommend you rectify that next time you get access to a good bath tub. (Our tub at home is too shallow to truly enjoy a bath. So Sad.) Not only does it erupt your tub into delightful skin-loving fizzy wonderfulness, it spreads an amazing scent of relaxation all through the room.

LUSH does a lot more than bath bombs. They also do soaps, shampoos and tons more. Everything at LUSH is handmade. Walking into one of their stores? Swoonworthy. So much to see, smell and touch. (And if you try the Popcorn Lip Scrub, there’s taste, too!)

Everything is handmade. Everything is awesome. They aren’t afraid to have a little fun, either.

That is, and I’m totally serious here, the Captain Bubblebeard Reusable Bubble Bar. It is not only totally cool, smelling of sandalwood and lavender, it is also vegan. So there.

Not content to let all us grown-ups have all the fun, Lush is now extending fun to kids. Or rather FUN!

FUN is a 4-in-1 soap, bubble bath, wash your hair with it… you can even wash your clothes with it! But this is no ordinary soap. It’s moldable. So basically you can have a play-doh party in the tub. When Graham saw me putting this collage together he immediately remembered, “Water table!” This kid loves baths and water tables. And he had a blast turning the water colors, scrubbing with the FUN, making bubbles and more.

It comes in 5 colors–yellow, green, blue, red and pink–and each one has a distinctive scent and the main ingredients are talc, cornflour and glycerine. (If you’re looking to go super natural and avoid dyes, yellow is your best bet.)

It’s $6.95 for a 250g bar, which is a pretty good size and you don’t need a ton. (You’ll get more use and fun out of it than the fizzing bath colors I pay nearly $4 for at the drugstore.)

This is a perfect stocking stuffer. (I may be stuffing some stockings with it myself…)

The best thing about FUN is the FunD that it supports, which gives back to children in Fukushima affected by the nuclear disaster to help put fun activites back in their lives.

If you’re shopping for a grown-up, LUSH has a bunch of gift boxes. They are beautiful on the outside and amazing on the inside and range in price from $11.95 to $199.95, so you can find something in your budget.

If you have someone on your list who loves bath products, I have just finished your holiday shopping for you. Bam!

I just pinned a few of them to my Wish List Pinterest board…

Disclosure: I was invited to a LUSH event to sample FUN and see their holiday products. I was not compensated for this post and was not obligated to blog. I did get a couple LUSH goodies to try. 

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