This Is The Only Holiday Card You’re Getting From Us

Ah, holiday cards. My relationship with them is a complicated one.

In 2009 with our new baby, we decided to join the masses and send out the obligatory photo card. I went through all our pictures. I put together the collage. I sent them out. And while this sounds like a simple undertaking, it most certainly was not. It took ages. And we only got a handful of cards ourselves despite the large number we ordered.

But, I assured myself, we didn’t send out cards just so we could get cards back. And since it was our first year doing it, we may not be on everyone’s list yet. Surely in 2010 we’d see an uptick.

So in 2010 I did the same thing. Once again, it took ages. And we still got only a small handful of cards. Not enough to fill a mantle. Not enough to bedeck our freezer. It was sad.

But again, I assured myself, you give to give, right? You don’t do it just to receive. And sure, holiday cards take time AND money, but it’s all about sharing the love, right?

So in 2011 I managed to score a significant discount from a giveaway that meant I could get our cards very cheap which meant only time. So I went through and put it together and the whole bit. And they never got sent. I’m not even sure we’ve thrown them out yet. Because it just wasn’t going to happen. December of 2011 was a stressful time for us and the cards didn’t come close to being a high priority and then January came and then Tessa was born and then it just seemed silly to send a holiday card without our new arrival. So they never got sent.

But I didn’t really mind because, again, we only got a small handful of cards. All from the same people who’d been sending us cards all along. And we enjoyed putting them on our fridge.

So here we are in 2012. And I’m not even going to try. I don’t have the time to throw a card together. And all of our friends and family who send us cards follow me on the blog or Facebook so they’ve seen the pictures already. And my work of sending them out hasn’t seemed to mean much so instead, I’m just going to do it here.


Happy Holidays! From Us! Pick a picture of your choice!

holiday card 1 e1355671960282 This Is The Only Holiday Card Youre Getting From Us


holiday card 2 e1355672005991 This Is The Only Holiday Card Youre Getting From Us

Plus, this way I can write a little holiday letter, something I never got around to doing.


*ahem* I have to get myself into Brag-Mom mode…

*cough cough*

*clears throat*

It’s been a delightful year in the Severson family!

On Valentine’s Day we greeted our newest (and most likely last) member: Tessa Eir. (Eir rhymes with Fire. Tessa rhymes with Messa, which is what we frequently call her.) She arrived looking rather scrunched and grumpy and stayed that way for a few months.

Over the summer E began his fellowship at the hospital, which doesn’t actually mean his residency is finished because he’ll go back to it next summer, please don’t ask me to explain, I’m not sure it makes any sense.

Graham turned 3 and aged out of Early Intervention in July. In September he started K0, which is basically pre-pre-Kindergarten. His favorite part of school is Snack time. This is also his favorite part of home. If you don’t ask him to, he will sing The Wheels on the Bus for you, and if you’re lucky he’ll do the hand motions. He enjoys playing with trains and cars.

Tessa is now 10 months old and while she isn’t really walking or standing or properly crawling, she scoots her way around quite well. She has fuzzy hair that sticks straight up and lovely eyes that have been hazel for the last few months so we think that’s where they’re sticking. She has finally figured out how to eat. She enjoys playing with her brother’s trains and cars.

Jessica is currently wearing pajama pants and a maternity shirt, which is not that unusual of an outfit for her. No, she hasn’t really lost any baby weight yet. Yes, she is still blogging. (Obviously.) But she also started a Book Review site this year so she’s pretty stoked about that.

The family is enjoying Boston and hopes to travel as little as possible in 2013.

Best wishes to all of you and your families during whatever holidays you celebrate (or not).


The Seversons

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  1. I love this! We also skipped holiday cards this year (for the first time since having kids), and for all the reasons you listed above. I’m planning a similar Merry Christmas from Us post later this week.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one :-)
    Em recently posted..We Call Her Baby Barista

  2. If only all of my relatives were online. Sigh.
    Yeah, this is my last year doing photo cards from a certain big digital photo website that a lot of people use – because they’re freaking expensive – even with discounts – and their layout sucks – and I had to do way too much going back & forth & waiting for stuff to load.
    Next year, I’m buying boxed cards again & getting wallets made of the best family picture we managed to get that year. That’s it. I don’t mind sending them to the 40 people I’m now sending them to, realizing I might get 20 back if I”m lucky (and I have to say, so far this year, far fewer than previous years have arrived). I just don’t want to spend a fortune & hours deciding what layout to use.
    And your photos are awesome, btw.

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