Make an Amazing Clickable Media Kit in Picmonkey

I’ve been planning to make a Media Kit for a long time, but as a “smaller” blogger I was scared of putting it out there and saying “I am totally not small, I swear I am pretty darn awesome.” But with Blissdom coming up (squee!) the topic has been coming back into my head.

So yesterday I sat down and I did it while Tessa was napping. I did some brainstorming, looked up posts on media kits, asked friends for tips and finally just decided to wing it and see how it went. And it went pretty great.

This is just a pic of what I came up with. For the full media kit, you can go over to my HQ at Jellyfish Web. While you’re there why don’t you click on one of those little brand logos…

Did you see what I did there? If you clicked on Macy’s you’d end up here, if you clicked on BabyGap you’d end up here. Awesome and clickable, yes?

So would you like one of these lovelies for yourself? Of course you would. Let me show you how.

Start simple. If you don’t already have a nice white background image, get one. (The early steps on this post will help you out.)

Click Edit a Photo and open up that lovely white background.

Upload your white background and resize it. Worry more about width. I wanted it to go 940 px. For now, keep the height nice and long. You can always crop it down later. And make sure you get your zoom in to 100% so you can see everything at the right size.

Start out with a nice header. If you’ve already got one on your site that you love, just stick it right there at the top of your media kit. How to get your lovely image on to your media kit? The secret of Picmonkey comes down to one thing: Use Your Own Overlay.

Yeah, did you even notice that button was there? Right at the top. “Your Own.” You can add any image you have using this tool and  have the freedom to move it and resize it and recolor it and all that fantastic stuff.

So hey, look, there’s my header. I get it sized nicely up at the top.

Now, how to get some nice dividers? These are also super simple.

Once again, the secret is overlays. Just get that nice rectangle. Starts out black and ugly and useless.

Just resize, stretch it out, add some color and…

Now. What to add? This is what I struggled with the most.

When it came down to it I just started making headers and going from there. If there’s one thing I learned about reading a bazillion posts on Media Kits, everyone will tell you something different about what’s absolutely necessary to be in your Kit. The best advice I heard is to highlight what’s great about you.

I started with a little Bio, a little blurb on what I write about… and just added more as I went. Contact info, social media, stats. (Honestly, I have 3 versions of it with different little sections and I still might switch it out a little bit.)

A nice trick to keep your headers consistent? Once you have a font and color and size you like, right click that text box.

See that “Duplicate text” option? Click that and voila! Another one of the same size, font and color. You can retype it to say whatever you want.

You can add images from your site, a bio image, photos you want to share, anything that works for you.

For me, the piece de resistance was putting together a collage of brands I’ve worked with. Sure, I may be a small blogger but I’ve been a part of some fun campaigns with some great brands. So I started collecting logos (yet again using the “Your Own” Overlays feature). This was the most time-consuming part. I just started scrolling through my archives, finding my favorite stuff, moving logos around until I liked the way it looked. (I also decided to give Boston businesses their own area because I love local.)

Then comes the secret: the clickable images.

For this you want to find someone who can code. Or you can head here where you can do it yourself. I had my image already uploaded so I just put in the image url and let the site pull it up.

Once you’re here, check those bottom checkbox options to make sure they’re doing what you want. And then you’re ready to map. To get started, just click on the “Rectangle” button.

Size that rectangle to fit your image. And then put the URL in for the link. Click save and there you go.

Keep it up and pretty soon you’ll have these rectangles for all your lovely logos.

Once you’re finished you get your code. Add that to the “HTML” window of your site. (Make sure you’ve got that image uploaded already!) And there you go, a clickable media kit that delights the eye.

Now keep in mind, this is just for an online version, but I’m working on making a clickable PDF as well…

What are your Media Kit tips and tricks? And what fine creations have you made in Picmonkey lately??


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    This is both lovely and awesome. Would love to know if in your research you came across any that I should check out that are less about the brands. I’m not sure how I would fill a sheet of paper with what I do, which has always meant (to me at least) that I don’t need anything, but it might be nice to have something more come BlogHer.
    Cheryl recently posted..Luck or Leaning In?

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      Focus on whoever it is you’re trying to reach. Media kits can focus on your expertise in an area, your speaking experience, writing portfolio, photography, design, etc.


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