Treat Cupcake Bar

Review of Treat Cupcake Bar! I got to go to this sweet cupcake decorating class and I’m telling you all about it.

There is a reason cupcakes are all the rage. Because they are freaking delicious. I’ve sampled a wide variety of the cupcakes Boston has to offer, but I recently went to Treat Cupcake Bar for the first time with the Boston Brunchers. Yes, we’re all about brunch, but everyone loves cupcakes so we made an exception.

We didn’t just go for their make-your-own-cupcake bar, we went for the full-on cupcake party. That’s right: cupcake. party. (And yes, they do kid’s birthday parties, to answer the question you just asked.)

So what exactly does a Cupcake Party entail? I’m glad you asked.

First, there’s a cute baby in a hat.

Oh wait, that’s just me. Sorry.

Believe me, your cupcake party is better off without the baby because she just wants to eat everything and you’ll end up loading her up with sugar just to keep her calm. (Well, calm-ish.)

Okay. First, there’s markers. Not what you expected? That’s okay. First you get your box for the cupcakes and an apron. Hope you brought your creative side because they need decorating.

After you have your supplies all ready, it’s time to get decorating! But no, no cupcakes yet. Now it’s time for fondant. The cool stuff you can mold into shapes with all different colors to use as toppers.

Since you probably haven’t used fondant before, you’ll get a great demonstration from a Treat crew member.

We rolled it in powdered sugar instead of flour to keep everything sweet and tasty.

And then… at long last… time for cupcakes!!

Oh, and don’t forget frosting!!

And tons of tasty treats, too.

We got a great demonstration on making a flat-top cupcake. I wish mine came out this perfect!

I was a little intimidated. I’m not exactly a great decorator or crafter or anything. But they were super helpful. Plus they brought out dye-free frosting so I could take some home for Grammer.

I was pretty pleased with my results given that I’m not terribly talented in this area. I even made a nice orange flat top!

But I’ll show you some of the works of the other talented cooks who were with me so you can see what actually talented people can do!

I love the Ladies Night Out concept of our party and bringing home 6 giant cupcakes means that your family won’t miss you much while you’re gone…

And how about the cupcakes??

I’m picky about them, I admit. But I love that when you decorate your own you can put as much or as little frosting as you want. Plus the Treat cupcakes were really moist and dense without being too rich or heavy.

I’d definitely take my girlfriends. For kids, I think it’s a great fit for an older bunch who can handle sitting down for a while and won’t start throwing m&m’s across the room…

Oh, and Treat is opening a new location in Chestnut Hill soon!

Thanks to Treat Cupcakes for providing a group of Brunchers with a cupcake decorating class!


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