Brunch at Towne Stove & Spirits

restaurantThe brunch buffet is one of those special indulgences that you don’t have on just any occasion. But if your family’s in town and you’re going to take a Sunday afternoon to go shopping on Newbury Street or go on a duck tour. If so, popping in for the Sunday Brunch Buffet at Towne Stove & Spirits is a great pick. 

Located right at the Prudential Center and Hynes Convention Center, it’s convenient to Back Bay and the Orange and Green lines. Buffets are a different kind of brunch. More expensive than a la carte, but give you the opportunity to try a bunch of different things and serve any palate. 

Towne fits the bill with a great indoor space and great variety, including hot and cold items, pastries, carving and omelet stations and even dessert.

Towne graciously hosted the Boston Brunchers for their Sunday-only brunch buffet.


Inside at Towne


The highlight of the cold items for the bruncher crew: oysters, for sure. (It was too dark over there for me to get a good picture.) In fact, unlike most buffets our group filled their plates entirely with cold items before even hitting the hot bar. I’m not an oyster person myself, but I enjoyed their cheese quite a bit.



The cold item buffet


Similarly, the pastry spread was not massive, but had well-chosen items for the most part. (My coffee cake was meh, but everything else was nice.)

The hot bar had two stations. One with waffles/pancakes and meat carving, the other with omelets. The omelet station offered egg whites, a big plus as far too many don’t. My eye went immediately to the egg dishes. I tend to do that.

 Rib Roast with Potato Hash

Bacon Eggs Benedict


The one big downside to a hot buffet is that you may not always have your food at the perfect temperature. My benedict was a bit cool, though it seemed like everyone else got theirs at a better temperature when they came over a few minutes later. I would’ve liked a little more flavor in the hash, too.


Dessert Table


The dessert table is the only one I could get entirely into one shot and it does a good job of showing you the kind of variety they offer. Shortcakes, parfaits, whoopie pies, cookies, and much more. The big hit, though, was one I highlighted on Instagram:

That, my friends, is Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding and it was far and away the most talked about item at the table. Really tasty and surely added a few pounds to all our waistlines. 

While I wasn’t totally blown away by their savory dishes, I had a very nice brunch with the buffet. (Another buffet plus: if you’re not crazy about a dish you can scrap it and head out for another one.) It definitely fills a need with a solid buffet, lots of choices, and a convenient location.  The $38 per person price tag is relatively reasonable for the area, plus they only charge $14 for kids under 12. And there’s plenty of kid-friendly options if you’ve got little ones along for the ride.

Thanks to Towne Stove & Spirits for hosting the Brunchers and providing us each with access to their brunch buffet. 

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