I get disillusioned with people a lot. (It probably has a lot to do with how often I ride public transit.) But I am feeling all sorts of happiness towards humanity. Because I had a wonderful birthday for the first time in ages. 

Once upon a time, my good birthdays were my own responsibility. I would run away from everyone and take myself to a movie and get myself a book and sit myself down for a delicious lunch. As good as those days were, they were also lonely. 

And in the frenzy of family and the holidays, it’s tended to get a little lost in the shuffle. (Or a lot.)

But this year I had a wonderful week, a full week, lots of work, lots of fun, a general delight.

MA Conference for Women


I was lucky enough to run a Blogging Workshop at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. It was a great conference and getting to be a part of it was thrilling. I love teaching as a rule, and I loved getting to talk to so many women about how to leverage their online presence. Can I do it every year? Please? 

After that lovely day, my lovely friends and I met up for drinks after the Conference. And this happened:

It’s the little things. My people are there and they’re looking out for me. It makes me happy. 

What did I do on my actual birthday?

I gave myself a pretty fantastic present. You’re going to be jealous.

I took a nap. 

It rocked.


  1. Jennifer Mehl says

    Oh and also, you looked really nice on your birthday! Not sure if it’s the hairdo, or that birthday glow, but whatever it was, it worked!

  2. JoLee says

    Ouch. 🙂 Be fair, your roommies were planning on taking you out and making a cake and having a party for your birthday! You slipped off to enjoy your day exactly as you wanted it to be. Congrats on the blog gig and happy birthday again! I hope we get to meet up again soon.

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