Get Away From It All, Oh Wait It’s All Still Here

Oh hi, haven’t seen all of you for a while as I’ve been all absent and such.

First it was doing all the things in that rush that tends to happen at the beginning of December, which was at an even higher fever pitch knowing that we’d be leaving town in a rush. Then on the 14th we headed out for Texas to spend some quality time with Grammy and Grumpy and aunts and uncles and cousins.

Those things always sound so festive and fun. And then you arrive and it’s wonderful and you see your family and enjoy each other’s company while your children lose their ever-loving minds as they are completely void of structure. The aforementioned children will also wake up often and at least one of them will be in your bed at all times, usually with an array of rolls and kicks. There will be constant requests for snacks because Grammy has food and when there’s food around we must constantly ask for snacks because this is the way it always has been and always will be. 

So yeah, I haven’t blogged much this past week because the children are all over me in fits of rage or neediness, depending on their mood of the moment. 

In between those times they are also being really stinking adorable.

Tess has been blowing me away. She is talking. TALKING. Not a lot of words, but still talking.

What would be even better is if her talking was rational. Now it goes like this:

[Scene: Grammy’s dining room]

Tessa: (points at box of graham crackers) Ga Ka-kuh.

Mama: You want a graham cracker? (Mama opens the box and gives one to Tessa.)

Tessa: (frantic, annoyed) No, no, no.

Mama: Okay. (Puts graham cracker away.)

Tessa: (points to box of graham crackers) Ga Ka-kuh.

Mama: I just gave you a graham cracker and you didn’t want it. (Opens box again and gives Tessa a cracker.)

Tessa: (more frantic, more annoyed) No, no, no.

Mama: GAH!

Tessa: Ga Ka-kuh.

Mama: (practically hurling cracker at the child) HERE IS YOUR GRAHAM CRACKER.

Tessa: (smiles, eats graham cracker, signs “more”) Mo. 

[Start scene again from the beginning.]

This happens with every meal, every snack, every drink. And it doesn’t usually end with her actually accepting the item she claims to want so much. My sanity will not be around much longer.

She is also prone to long fits of shrieking and sobbing because she wants the orange but she doesn’t want to eat it in the dining room and WHY DOESN’T ANYONE UNDERSTAAAAAAAND?

I’m looking forward to Christmas actually getting here because I am running out of ways to amuse them. And despite the lovely weather, I’ve only managed one outing with the camera where most shots were pouty. I went on anyway, you get some great ones in between the pouting.




I call this next series “Boy With Apple Juice.” It’s weird how much better kids are in pictures when they have something to hold.





Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. A certain baby is requesting food that I’m sure she will immediately refuse.


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