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sponsored post imageYou can’t live or work in the city of Boston without hearing a lot about Uber, the new car service you can order on your phone. We’re a city with a constant shortage of cabs and astronomical charges for parking, so Uber has become the big thing for getting around town. But there’s been one problem: what to do if you’re out with a group of your co-workers and you can’t fit in the back of a sedan? What if you’ve got family in town and don’t want to pay the expense of renting a giant car to get everybody around? Well now there is *drumroll* uberXL.

uberUberXL lets you request a car with seating for up to six; great when you’ve got visitors, a group of friends, or want to take the kids somewhere. 

I tend to be a T-riding girl. But I also spend most of my time in the city alone, free to walk or take a train where I need to go. But every now and then a girl needs a ride. I finally took my first Uber while out on a date. We weren’t going too far, but it was raining and the task of finding a cab would probably wind up getting us soaked. My date was a frequent Uber rider, the kind of Uber evangelist you’ll find all over the city. And sure enough it was ridiculously easy to take shelter under an awning, request a car with the app, and then have them there to pick us up within minutes.

My luck with taxis and buses lately hasn’t been so good. I’ve called to request cabs and waited ages for them to show up. I’ve waited for a bus only for it not to show up on schedule and then be stuck waiting 45 minutes for the next one. Uber takes a lot of that pain out of city travel and lets you see on your phone how far away your car is, so none of that guessing I deal with on my bus app and don’t even get me started on cabs.

And I’ll be honest, as a person who has two car seats in the back of my car, I am not a good candidate to drive anyone anywhere even though I have a car. Which gets kind of tricky when friends or relatives visit. And I can’t in good conscience tell anyone to rent a car when they visit here. Have you seen the way we drive here? We are maniacs.

UberXL is perfect for those situations. It’s particularly ideal for people with babies, who can strap in their bucket seat, stick their stroller in the back, and be ready to go. And if you’ve got a child 5 and older, you can bring a no-back booster with you to make sure everybody’s safely strapped in. (The Bubble Bum Inflatable Booster Seat from Magic Beans is an especially good pick, since it inflates super fast and can then deflate and go into your bag when you get out of the car.)

So hey, take a trip to the beach without worrying about parking or the subway. Take the entire family to the airport without shlepping on the train or paying for “Economy” parking. Have a picnic on the Common. Take that trip to the Aquarium or the Children’s Museum where parking is such a headache you usually don’t go. Go shopping at the Pru or Copley and don’t worry about carting your bags all the way home. Feel free to have an extra Mimosa at brunch.

As a special bonus, you can get $30 off your first uberXL ride with code DontMindtheMess or by clicking this link.

Thanks to Uber for sponsoring this post and starting this great new service. 

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