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I get asked to review a lot of things and I honestly pass on most of them. For me to take on a review I have to feel that the odds are pretty good the thing will be useful and/or awesome. 

When Crudite Creations reached out, it was an easy sell because, well, this is what they make:

Image from Crudite Creations
Image from Crudite Creations

No, those aren’t flowers. They’re veggies. For me the only question was: would the actual delivery live up to the picture?

Move over, fruit arrangements, towers of cupcakes, artfully arranged candies. I fell for this concept hook, line, and sinker. The natural beautiful colors of veggies, a healthy and refreshing snack for your party, and a huge step up from the tray of veggie sticks that’s obligatory at so many gatherings.

So how did my delivery go? There was no way I could take on this tower myself so I had it brought to work where I shared in the bounty with my co-workers. The response when it came in the room? Awe.

Crudite Creations 1

Crudite 3

Crudite 2

Not only did it look gorgeous (those lilies? leeks with baby corns in the middle) but it also came with two dips: hummus and onion. They were obviously freshly made. The hummus was the perfect amount of lemony, light and smooth. The onion dip… well, I was really tempted to just eat it with a spoon and skip the veggies all together. It was AMAZING. 

Fresh, local ingredients. A local business based in Newton. Boston friends: this is a must for your future baby showers, wedding showers, company parties, etc. Pricing is similar to what you’d get for a fruit arrangement, but you’ll be supporting a local business, local foods, and healthy delicious eating by going with Crudite Creations instead. 

Thanks to Crudite Creations for providing this arrangement and dips. 


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    Thanks so much for posting! We really appreciate you supporting Heart of Haiti. And it’s not schmaltzy when it’s true! The heart is such a great universal symbol for love, even in Haiti. Your relationship with your mother sounds amazing and you are lucky to have each other. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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