The D-Word

Here are 4 words that I’ve never said before but are now actually true: I’m on a diet. 

Why do I feel kind of shameful saying that? I do. I’ve felt weird about it since I started last week and I decided that meant I probably needed to blog about it to work through whatever it is that’s going on with me.

It’s not that I’ve never tried to lose weight. I just never did anything official, anything with rules. I would just watch what I ate, so to speak. I cut back on things, I ate smaller portions, I worked on healthier foods, etc. But I never called it dieting because I was just trying to be healthy or whatever. It’s not like watching what I ate meant I wouldn’t eat cheese. (God, I miss cheese.)

But now I’m all official. And while internally I feel really good about this decision, it’s one I am really embarrassed about making public.

I have good reasons. I know I’m justified. I gave myself a year after Tessa was born to not worry about my body. And then I gave myself a year to gradually work on it. But those years have ended, and while I lost most of my baby weight, I’m stuck. Very stuck. The only time I made progress since hitting my plateau was the stomach flu. And it all came back a week later. I’d like to give it a real effort to see if I can get where I’d like to go. It’s a realistic goal but one I haven’t been able to meet on my own. 

I joined Weight Watchers because 1) it’s at work so it’s not extra effort for me to get there, 2) it’s covered by my insurance, and 3) I have a group of online friends who have done it and who know their stuff and who are super supportive.

Now that I’m in it I finally get why people hate dieting. It is TERRIBLE. I am surrounded constantly by things I cannot eat. I am meeting someone for a drink on Friday and I will have to limit myself to a single glass of wine and even then I’ll be using up a majority of my extra points for the day on that one glass. Goodbye to a cold beer on a warm day, it was nice while it lasted. And now he wants to make it dinner and I’m trying to think of how I can order a meal that won’t be one of those “girly” meals that makes it really obvious I’m on a diet. At home I have lots of options for what I can eat and on that front I’m doing okay, but wow there’s just so much that isn’t an option. 

I realize how many restaurants I follow on Twitter, how many bloggers are posting recipes, how much I think about and talk about food. It sucks. 

But the embarrassment may suck more. Why am I embarrassed? Since when is it not okay to decide you want to lose extra weight? Maybe because I’ve worked so hard on accepting my body and being okay with it that now admitting I’m still not fully comfortable is admitting some kind of defeat? Maybe because I think I’ll have to insist that I really need it when people say I don’t?

I’ll be honest, I do not like my stomach. It is so much worse after Tessa. I still get people asking if I’m pregnant from time to time. I hate that. I know losing weight may not do anything for my stomach at all, but I’d like to at least give it a shot and see what happens. I’d like my dresses to fall a little better, like my jeans to fit a little better, all that stuff. 

And let’s be fully honest. I’m single. I’m dating. As much as I don’t want my looks to matter, they do.

On the bright side, my will power is pretty kickass. Then again, it’s only been one week.

I guess I just want to throw this out into the ether because I wonder what the rest of you out there do and if there’s some amazing tips you can give me or if you can just pass along some solidarity or commiseration. Because there’s 11 more weeks of this to go. It’ll be September when I’m finished. Summer will be over, Graham will be in school, the time stretching in front of me is intimidating.

Also I’m kind of nervous that I’ll lose weight but it’ll all come from my boobs. Worst possible outcome.


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    Dieting is zero fun. I know because eleven years ago I lost a ton of weight. Knowing that I wanted to enjoy my weekends, I did the Body for Life plan which pretty much consisted of 1,250 quality calories a day, six days a week and one day I could have everything and anything I wanted. This worked so well for me because I could go to that fancy restaurant and order the manly meal. And during the week when I craved foods that I couldn’t have, they went on my “blow off day list”. I actually still stick to this method today but allow myself 1,600 calories a day on my “good days” now that I’m maintaining a healthier weight. Good luck!
    Melanie Feehan recently posted..Cherry Picking at Smolak Farms

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    I’ve done Weight Watchers on and off since 2000, liking some versions of the Points system far better than others. There was a point where I’d dropped 75 pounds in two years, hacked the system, and was rocking my life. Note: I was single, making good money, had zero children, and loads of time to devote to the gym, as well as preparation of points-friendly, lovingly prepped, expensively flavored food.

    Gained it all back and another 60 after meeting the husband, having the baby, and spending some time in a big hole full of personal demons. Yay.

    You met me approximately the day I started a new fitness thingy, and along with that super-technical description of my current fitness efforts, I’m also watching what I eat, again. But this time, with no hard and fast rules, save drinking ALL THE WATER and not eating ALL THE ICE CREAM.

    That said, when you’ve struggled with weight chronically over time, and conditioned your brain to dieting, I’ve found that you think about food far more than you ever did before it, even when you’ve stopped the outright “dieting” behaviors, and far more than people who don’t think about weight loss and dieting. It’s more than a little maddening.

    Hi, long-winded much? Anyway, take care of yourself. Be healthy, be mindful, be kind to yourself, and don’t torture yourself.
    Cameron recently posted..31 Flavors of Fearless: Twenty Five, One Hundred Fifteen Days

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    I highly recommend the Whole Life Challenge. I had terrible eating habits, no willpower, and no interest in any kind of real exercise but finally got sick of my own bullshit and signed up for the Summer 2014 Challenge that ran from the beginning of May to the end of June (8-weeks). I lost 20 pounds, quite easily, but the best part is that my MIND was completely reset. Super simple as far as as eating goes as there is a list of compliant foods to stick to, as well as “easy to comply with” exercise and lifestyle components. It has literally changed my life.

    Planning to do the Fall challenge which starts in September. Already signed up!
    Mary Collis recently posted..Albert Einstein, the Pencil


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