Stuff We’ve Been Doing

Blatant catch-up post and semi-photo-dump, aka Picturesque Activities with the Kiddos Where I Can Show Off My Photography Skillz.

Cherry Tomato Picking! Because my kids already have an unhealthy addiction to blueberries and it was way less crowded. Also there was a playground older than me with a slide that had to be six stories tall. If you’re curious, it was at Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon, not too far from us at all. 

Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato Picking 2

Tomato Picking 3

Tomato Picking 3

Why yes, Tessa is wearing pajama bottoms under her skirt and has marker all over her legs. She is SO two years old right now.

 Riding bikes is a regular activity, especially since August has been so stinking mild

Riding Bikes 1

Action shot! Can you tell this was pretty soon after I got tips on Exposure from Amy? I was all about making that green grass pop.

Riding Bikes 2

Riding Bikes 3

And last, but not least, our weekend excursion to ride Thomas the Tank Engine courtesy of you wonderful people of the internet.

Edaville 1

Edaville 2

Of course all of these outings and activities come with their fair share of bargaining, meltdowns, overtired whining, and such. But at least when I bring my camera I have this to look at when all that fades. 

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