A Little Free Fun

Graham is so into Christmas. He is 110% invested. He talks about it constantly, he is counting down the days so often that he regularly finds himself disappointed that another day hasn’t gone by so he still has the same number of days left that he did the last time he counted.

I am doing what I can to go with it and give them some holiday excitement. We went to the Christmas store and each child got to pick out an ornament for the tree. We visited Santa and observed him from a safe distance. We saw the giant tree at Faneuil Hall and its lights and music show. 

But I’m relieved it’s almost done because we’ve basically run through our free or low-cost holiday activities. There are so many holiday events, but there’s always a price tag. Hey look, ice skating is free for kids at Boston Common! Except it’s $5 for mom to get in, $20 for everyone to get skates, etc., etc. I’m already over my budget for the month so this leaves us with few options.

So this weekend was a bit of a challenge, but we made it through.

On Saturday we went to a Hanukkah party where the kids didn’t even care there weren’t other kids there because they were so enjoying the dog and the dreidels they took home. (Graham has decided we should celebrate Hanukkah, too. Though he refused to eat a latke. Tessa, however, ate two.)

On Sunday we took a little drive north of town and went on a Story Walk. It was free, it wasn’t too long, there was a playground afterwards, and the hot chocolate we stopped for on the way home was only a couple bucks. I brought the camera along.

Story Walk 1

Story Walk 2

resized 3

resized 4

resized 5

resized 6

Oh winter, I’m not looking forward to filling the time in the months ahead. After a half hour we were all shivering and anxious to get in the car. 

But we made it. And Christmas is this week and I think I’ve spent all the money and purchased all the presents and we’re good to go. At least I hope so. 


  1. Chris says

    That looks like fun. I often go to the Fells for short treks of varying difficulty in the WARMER months. I had no idea that they hosted events like this.

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