Where to Find Long Shorts for Girls

If you’re a parent, you don’t need me to tell you how random and ridiculous clothing for kids can be. Boys must wear cargo shorts and other loose clothing in “boy” colors. Girls must wear short shorts and tight clothing in “girl” colors. It’s frustrating when you’re just trying to find clothes to make your kids comfortable. Especially when your kids like things that don’t fall into the small spectrum of what’s available.

Long Shorts for Girls So to make your life a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of what I can find in one of those tricky but high-needs clothing types: long shorts for girls. Whether it’s your daughter’s preference or you just hate the idea of having your six-year-old dressing like a teenager, this list should help. When there’s an inseam length available, I’ve noted it. And if they’re denim, I’ve noted that, too. The knit shorts are hardest to find, but there are a few on the list! These are mostly what’s commonly known as “Bermuda” shorts which go near the knee. Some brands on this list may also have “midi” shorts which go mid-thigh. I did not include bike shorts.

Note: I give original price here, but most of these sites usually run discounts so you may find it’s half that after you click through. 

Some of these are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you purchase after you click. It won’t affect the price at all. I tried to make the best list possible regardless. Thanks for your support!

This list is current as of April 2016. Leave a comment if I’ve missed a store. Or let me know what kind of kids’ clothes you’d like me to hunt down next! Presented in alphabetical order by store. 

The Children’s Place

  • Uniform Shorts, Girls 4-16 (with slim and plus) in 3 colors, $16.95 original price.
Bermuda Jean Shorts
Burnt Orange Bermuda Jean Shorts



Girls Will  Be

Perfect Play Shorts
Perfect Play Shorts


Very Gud Sweatshorts

Hanna Andersson

J C Penney–several styles Buy 1 Get 1 for a Penny through 4/17


  • Knit Waist Bermuda Denim Shorts
    Knit Waist Bermuda Denim Shorts

    Colored Denim Bermuda Shorts, Girls 5-18 (with slim and plus) in 3 colors, $18 original price, 8” inseam 

Lands End

Girls Plaid Bermuda Shorts
Girls Plaid Bermuda Shorts

Old Navy

French Terry Bermuda Shorts
French Terry Bermuda Shorts



Tea Collection

  • Denim-Like Promenade Pedal Pushers, Girls 2-12 in Bubble Gum and Indigo, $26.50



Other Options:

Be sure to check sites like Schoola and Zulily where stock is regularly changing!


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Where to Find Long Shorts for Girls


  1. says

    They have a ton of cute & cheap ones at Walmart this year. They’re great – even if it is Walmart! If you google search Walmart & girls bermuda shorts, tons will come up in the $6-$10 range.

    This is a great post & a public service! Thank you!

    • Wanda Goodwin says

      I have four daughters, sizes 4-10.
      We found longer shorts at Walmart for about $7/pr.
      The style we chose was “Bermuda” which come in denim and twill.
      I got 4-5 pair per daughter.
      They wash/dry beautifully!

    • says

      Walmart t shirts are so affordble and hold their shape. My girls have worn them since elementary school and still do in their high school years.

      Ir is hard to find shorts that fit the dress code for my high schoolers. We found one pair at Garage, several at the Loft and Gap. Old Navy has some too. We try to catch sale days!

    • Rebecca B says

      I have some of those longer shorts for my 8 year old. Length is great, but as soon as she sat down, the back waistband dropped much too low. They’re better than some of the alternatives but there is a drawback. My suggestion would be to have her try it on and squat and sit before committing.

    • Mamma Jo says

      So wish someone would do this for Aussie mums….. refuse to let my pre-teen girls wear ‘skanky’ shorts.

      • LAURA KENNEDY says

        yes I totally agree! currently buy white/cream boys cargo shorts and dye them pink and purple for my 5yr old. So many stores here have the skanky short size for girls from todler up!!

  2. Debbie says

    Target has some good shorts too. I like their knit Bermuda shorts. They’re cheap and come in different colors and don’t have any printing or logos on them. They also have denim Bermudas as well.

  3. Erin says

    Thank you for doing the digging on this one! It is so hard to find clothes that are appropriate!

    Any ideas on longer shorts for women?

  4. A says

    I have been really impressed with the selection at Target this year! I’ve purchased four or five pairs of long shorts for my daughter.

  5. C.J. says

    What about the waist? My daughter doesn’t like low rise pants, and we’ve had a tough time finding pants/ shorts for her.

    • says

      CJ, I think most of the knit shorts will be a good higher-waisted option. Same for the cargo or utility shorts. I haven’t tried them yet, but I think the Hanna Andersson or the Girls Will Be are probably your best bets.

  6. Jennifer says

    This is great! Next, how about swim shorts for girls *with* built in mesh lining? Know what I mean? Boys’ swim shorts have the lining, but girls’ don’t (as far as I can tell). I end up buying her a swim shirt from the girls’ section and swim shorts from the boys’ (which is fine, of course, but it would nice to find a matching set).

    • Danielle L says

      We buy girls’ running shorts in lieu of swim bottoms for exactly that reason! They do have a mesh lining inside and we can usually find a swim top that matches nicely. 🙂

  7. lisa says

    I need juniors sizes but Bermuda or just a little shorter. These all look like they are for little girls, any suggestions?

    • sasha says

      I need larger sizes too. My 11 year old is VERY tall and actually fits Junior sizes or 16 in children but I am not putting Junior clothing on her. It has been very hard to find her shorts that don’t expose EVERYTHING!

  8. sara says

    For those looking for an in between length.. the best I have found is buying the carter’s rolled hem shorts and take the rolled part out. So snip the thread on the sides where they have sewn the hem up. These make perfect mid length.. not all the way to the knee shorts. . They look like jeans but are in tons of colors. And are with a cotton fabric.

  9. Danielle L says

    I really need to find shorts and capris for girls with hips. It seems everything is made for girls who are stick straight. By the time I get bottoms big enough to fit her hips they are either so big in the waist they are floppy around the waist and/or too long. I would love to be able to buy a pair of pants that just fit her instead of having to try to adjust everything to work. She’s beginning to think something is wrong with her shape because people don’t make clothes that fit her. 🙁

    • Nanci says

      I had pretty good luck with the 1/2 sizes at Justice for my curvy girl. They run bigger thru the waist and seat, some had the button elastic to pull in the waist if needed, but are shorter in length than if you bought a bigger size to have it fit thru the hips and waist.

  10. Naomi says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was looking for size 4/5 for my 2 year old with super long legs and was very disappointed that I couldn’t find anything. I guess I went to the wrong stores. There is hope for me now.

  11. Erin says

    I’ve had very good luck
    Finding knit shorts at Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Osh Kosh. They also have great store sales and shirts coordinate well with several shorts.

  12. says

    For simple knit shorts, I take my daughter’s winter (or freshly bought clearance) leggings, jeans, pants, and yoga pants and just cut them off about an inch longer than I want the finished length to be. Then I use the sewing machine to sew in a simple hem. That way, the pants that won’t fit her next year are doing double duty this next season & I absolutely know the length is going to be appropriate. Plus, since she’s been wearing them, I know exactly how they fit.

  13. Deeanna Price says

    Bless your heart for compiling this collection and sharing it! We’ll be buying some of these cute shorts. And it will be so easy because you took the time to find them all. Thanks!

  14. jeri jackson says

    These stores are fine but what about when you have an 11 yr. old girl that is 5 ft. 4 in. tall and weighs 120 lbs. and wears a junior sz. 4. You cannot find long shorts and I get called to the school constantly because her shorts are to short,it’s ridiculous.

    • Kelly says

      I’ve been shopping at Justice for a few years now. I’ve NEVER seen less than a 40% off sale. It’s always 40% off everything in-store and usually an extra 20% off online with free shipping $50 and up. Also, for every $50 you spend, you get 2 coupons for a future visit. One is 50% off of a $50 (original price) purchase and the other is $30 off of a $50 (original price) purchase. They always have things like bermuda shorts, (school approved) wide strap tank tops, ankle length dresses, school uniforms, and many more. I hope this helps!

  15. Valerie says

    It’s great that school aged girls have all these longer options new, but what about the toddlers? I don’t want my 3yr old running around in booty shorts! I get that kids want to dress like their older siblings so maybe companies should start there. Stop making clothing for teens so trashy and the little kids won’t end up looking like baby hookers!

  16. Betsy says

    Any luck finding t- shirts for heavier girls? She can wear boys shirts because they aren’t cut in on the sides but wishes they were in girls colors.

  17. Amy K. says

    Thank you SO much for compiling this!! My older daughter has outgrown the cute Carter’s stuff that I used to dress her in, and now I find myself in this weird tween world of little girls dressing like prostitots! The problem is even worse because (unlike her mama), she has long, skinny legs, so even mid-length shorts *appear* much too short. Ugh.

    I’m off to shop at these places this week to get her summer wardrobe ready. Thank you again!!

  18. Vickie says

    I have found that P.S. Aeropostale has really cute Bermuda shorts for girls. That is where I bought my girls last season. They have pretty good promo codes too.

    Thanks for the info!

  19. Christine says

    Does anyone know if any of these are adjustable waist? My soon to be 9 year old is almost 5 ft and barely 50 pounds. Even with slim, she needs adjustable waist.

  20. Laurie says

    I love it that you have found so many amazing options for those still in Girls sizes. Do you have a list for those now in Juniors sizes? My daughter is 12 and 5’4″ and y’all, she is in a size 9 shoe. She can’t wear girls sizes and I think if I tell her we are going shorts shopping again, she’ll run away. Its so frustrating! Target has introduced a 2.5 inch shorts this year. How much smaller can they get???

  21. Pam Wildes says

    I have found a few pair of shorts for my 11 year old, 5 ft tall daughter at Hartstrings. We have an outlet near us but they are also online. Not cheap but they look like jean shorts – blue and white- but are stretchy like jeggings. They go up to size 16.

  22. Irene says

    i love this. BUT my headache is finding the required , below knee, capris for my daughters summer camp. Any ideas?

  23. Rebecca says

    This list is great for older girls, but for people who have daughter under size 4 it’s still hard. My options seem pretty limited. There are these super tight biker shorts that are fine and dandy with a tunic or dress, but not for your everyday t shirt. My daughter is in a 12 month infants if we want actual shirts they have less than an inch inseam. i children’s pto I’ve searched children’s place online even for example, and it’s not just this rretailer – it’s every single (affordable priced) retailer. I’ve yet to explore the pricier retailers.

  24. says

    I truly appreciate your list and your topic. With two girls of my own, we face this issue constantly. We also deal with the “spaghetti strap” lingerie tank masquerading as a “tee shirt” issue. In much the same way I don’t want our daughters’ private areas hanging out, I really don’t want their entire chests exposed by those tanks, especially in the sunny hot South sunburn region.

    While I applaud your list, I think it’s important to note that many of those retailers do not ethically source their workmanship. Old Navy, the Gap, WalMart, JCP, Target, and many others do not support fair trade/ fair wages (which is why you’re getting that $5 bargain.) Having seen the plight of migrant workers first hand, we choose to always first attempt a run through Goodwill, DAV, and other local thrift stores. Consignment stores are a great choice, too! We can usually outfit 50-60% of the kids’ wardrobes this way, saving ourselves money and knowing we are doing a wonderful gift for society. When I buy Old Navy cargo shorts for my son, Goodwill makes a profit and Old Navy sees none of my money. Win, win!

  25. Tammy says

    Yes- casual dresses for size 14 or junior size 1. My daughter is 11 and tall. All of these mid thigh dresses in up being but length! Wish Hanna Andersen and others didn’t end at size 12!!!!

  26. Marilyn says

    I want to say it is SOOOO good to see other parents standing behind modest dress for our girls!! The shorts they sell and wear these days is so disrespectful to our young ladies. I have 3 girls that are 15+ that stand firmly behind NO shorts shorter then fingertip length down their thighs. Thank you ladies for raising your girls to cover up! ????

  27. DC Parent says

    What if I don’t want my teen looking like a teen. I have a tall 13 year old and we have resorted to boys shorts for the last several years and I am at a loss. She doesn’t want boys shorts but Daisy Dukes do not pass our family’s standards. If anyone has some good options for the teen please share.

  28. Anne says

    I don’t have daughters but share your concerns for your daughters of all ages. I encourage you all to facebook message or post directly on retailer facebook walls your concerns, style requests. (Even if you don’t have a fb acct you can probably click “message” and write to them.) I’ve messaged several zulily “designer/retailers” and Old Navy my request for more modest but not matronly dresses for women. Hemlines that fall just below the knee so they’re just covering the knee when sitting, sleeves closer to elbow, necklines that don’t require a garment underneath, non-clingy fabrics. I’ve received positive replies though I don’t know that it’ll change anything. Maybe if enough of us speak up???

  29. Charlotte says

    Thank you for this list! I have a 3 year old (4 in June) who wears size 5/6, depending on the brand. She’s tall, our PCP keeps commenting on it, since he has a son the same age, who’s much shorter, and until now she’s been in leggings most of the summers, but I’d like to get her a few shorts, and this will help immensely! 😀

  30. Michelle says

    I found some great shorts for my 9 year old girls at OshKosh and Carter’s. They can be worn long as bermuda shorts or rolled a little shorter, but still a good length. We are very happy with them!

  31. JoAnne says

    Both Nike and UnderArmour have come out with cute longer athletic shorts finally. My daughter hates wearing the fitted ones and the cotton shorts tend to get too hot in the summer. Under Armour Stunner shorts have cute prints that don’t look like boys’ shorts, the best selection was at Sports Authority (about 11 styles), but you can also find them cheaper elsewhere. Nike has a 4″ sport mesh short too. If you want even longer, search girls basketball shorts for other cute options that are comfortable in the summer heat.


  1. […] A real issue for me is shorts length- both for me personally and for my daughter. She is three, but now or in the future I am not going to have her in short shorts. I mean an inseam of more than 3″ shouldn’t be so hard to find. I’m the mom at the consignment store scouring the rack and buying all the long shorts in my daughter’s size. I was excited to see a post on where to buy long shorts for girls. […]

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