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autism awareness ribbonLooking for information on Autism? What you’ll find here is our real-life stories of life with my two kids. Both my children were diagnosed with Autism, Graham when he was 18 months and Tessa when she was 2. They both had delays in expressive and receptive language and decreased eye contact. Until he was 3, Graham received about 25 hours per week of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy through Early Intervention. Tessa currently gets about 12. Graham is now in school in an integrated classroom with a few hours of ABA focusing on social skills. You can hear a little bit about what life is like for us now at our entry for the This Is Our Autism series.

Before Graham was diagnosed I just felt like a really terrible parent. Parents are supposed to enjoy their kids and want to spend time with them but I felt so much pressure and anxiety because my child was always so difficult. Finding out what it all means has been a relief and a big help since my kids received services helping him more than we ever could alone. I won’t say it’s been perfect, but it’s been a lot easier and it gets better every year.

One major reason this blog is important to me is that I hope people looking for information and support will read our story and feel a little bit better. You can also follow any of my posts with the Autism tag to get relevant stories.

Here are some of my posts from our journey through Graham’s diagnosis and therapy:

You can also read more from me and others at Parents Magazine’s Voices of Autism and over at’s Autism and Mother’s Day Essays.

I really recommend the CDC’s site on signs of autism if you’re concerned about a child you know.

My favorite resource is other blogs and following the experiences of other parents. Because autism is such a wide spectrum it’s helpful to get a variety of information and anecdotes. Many of them are also on Twitter where we share our good and our bad days.

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  1. says

    I’ve just started reading your (very well written blog)and am fiding it interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing. I particularly enjoyed your reflections on th evideo clips you posted. I blog anonymously about my autistic son so I don’t have anything like that, but you might want to check it out anyway. Regardless, you have a new follower!

  2. Jenny says

    You must have a much more generous E.I. program & more therapists available than my county. We get 1 hour of ABA therapy – ONE, 1 hour of Developmental Intervention & 1 hour of Speech. We’ve had 1 hour of OT & are going to add it back after a break (long story). We have been in the program since this past October, took until April to get the ABA and Speech. Call me jealous of you, but very happy for you too.

  3. says

    Very interested to find someone whose child has gone in and out of an autism diagnosis. It must be tempting to walk away from autism world and never look back, so thanks for sharing your story.

  4. HK says

    I am a mother of two boys and found your blog by searching speech therapist in the greater boston area. This is the first time that I read stories reflecting the same as my parenthood; frustration, exhausted, even scared every day dealing with my 38m old boy.
    I always thought that this difficulty would pass as my son is late in language but it seems that I need to get more involved in helping him with therapies that he needs. I wish i knew this a bit earlier but still am thankful that i got to know his issue more clearly.
    Thanks for posting your experiences and would love to read and get more advised from your articles.
    One thing I specifically need a direction since I am new in this country/area as well. Until my town office provide the assessment for my son(probably when School starts again:fall), I want to find a speech therapist and more. Do you have any recommendations; program, therapist, agencies, centers… Etc?
    Thanks advance and looking forward to hearing from you.

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