It's ComplicatedDivorce wasn’t something I expected to happen, much less write about. But I guess that’s how it goes for a lot of people. For me, writing my way through my divorce helped to process a lot of the emotions I felt. The “It’s Complicated” tag has all my posts over the months of processing.


Telling the world about my separation.

Shared custody means all of a sudden you have time alone. It’s good to learn to enjoy it.

Learning that you’re not the only one who was living in a tough marriage.

Sometimes the small things, like assembling IKEA furniture, can be unexpectedly hard.

The emotional stages of divorce.

The scary financial woes that sent us to the WIC office.

On learning to compromise while co-parenting.

Stopping the self-pity when you see all your married friends.

Thinking about whether to change my name.

On deciding to sell my wedding ring.

On how terrifying it is to start a new chapter in your life.

More than one on career choices and how complicated that gets when you suddenly go back to work and how it can make you ridiculously angry.

On celebrating Mother’s Day.

On being lonely without a partner on my kid-free days.


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