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While expecting Tessa I spent a lot of time blogging my pregnancy. Pregnancy is crazy enough, but having a baby is full of crazy meltdown-worthy insanity. One thing I’ve learned is that everyone deserves to know how things will shake out and to get all the help and advice they need to get through.

I hope new moms will find these posts helpful and will add other resources they’ve found in the comments. This is one of the times in our lives where we need the most support, so let’s all help out.


 The Hospital Maternity Tour  A post in conjunction with Isis, based on what I learned from two hospital maternity tours in two different states during my pregnancies.

This Is How I Throw a Baby Shower  This post was a gift to my friend who was expecting her first baby. I shared some tips on what a new mom  needs to know.

Graham’s Birth Story  My first born was an induction, it was a hard decision but I was happy about it.

Tessa’s Birth Story My second baby didn’t have a lot in common with my first when it came to making her appearance.

 Live-Tweeting My Labor  Want a play-by-play of an 18-hour labor? Here it is!

Recovering From Childbirth  I had one really terrible recovery and one really great one. Here’s what I learned from my very different experiences.


Life With a New Baby

How to Survive with a Newborn  How we made it through our adjustment to our first baby.

Double Duty   Figuring out a newborn when you’ve already got a toddler at home.



Breast vs. Formula  The pros and cons of both sides from someone who’s been there.

Breastfeeding Success and Failure  What I learned from breastfeeding badly and breastfeeding well.

RIP Breastfeeding  My decision to give up breastfeeding after 7 weeks with my son.

Breastfeeding Contingency Plans  A post in conjunction with Isis about how to plan for breastfeeding your baby in the hospital if there are problems.

My Boobs Demand Answers  Once you get going, there’s still a lot of questions when it comes to the day-to-day stuff.

My Boobs Get Answers! A follow-up post on how breastfeeding is going 4 months in.

Best Bras After Breastfeeding  When you finally wean your baby, here are some comfy and practical bras.


Baby Gear and Essentials

Our Favorite Things Part 1  Strollers, gowns, pillows, etc.

Our Favorite Things Part 2   Even more: carriers, pacifiers, carseat covers.

Find all the Favorite Things on my New Moms Pinterest Board.

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