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How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

The last time I bought a real bathing suit, one that actually fits and that I actually like, was before my honeymoon. That suit does not fit anymore. I’ve had a couple cheap ones to get me through since then, but it’s not going to cut it much longer. My kids are getting bigger, I can no longer pretend there’s no such thing as a pool. Oh, and we’re going to a water park in less than a week. It was time. 

Let me tell you a little bit about my body and what I look for in a swimsuit.

  • I’m a size 8/Medium top and a 10/Large bottom, which is why I find two-pieces to be a good option in terms of fit.
  • Even though I’m a smaller size on top, I have a C-cup bra size and a sizable post-baby tummy.
  • I hate hate hate clothes that are very tight. No Spanx for this girl. I suffer through tights. This makes swimsuit shopping particularly hard, since so many of them are heavy, tight fabric.
  • I may have a post-baby tummy, but I am not wearing any kind of suit that is supposed to camouflage or cover up my tummy. No Miraclesuits, please. I want to be comfortable. And have a little bit of jiggle control. And beyond that the belly is what it is.

I put out the call to see where people shop and if they could confirm to me that there is in fact a two-piece that fits my criteria. Based on their recommendations and my own choices I made 3 shopping trips for bathing suits. (Actually 4, but a look at Swim ‘n Sport in the mall yielded absolutely nothing I wanted to try on. Total bust.) Before I get to the specific places and suits, let me give you my tips to make bathing suit shopping a little less painful.

swimsuit 1 How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

You’re probably thinking that I’m crazy, but I ate a meal right before I went swimsuit shopping each time. (Including a delightful lunch with several courses in Chinatown.) Why, you ask? Because the last thing I want is to take a suit home and find that it’s too small. I will be wearing this suit before meals, during meals, after meals. I’ll be wearing it when I’m bloated and when I’m not. But the times when I’m stuffed full are the times when I’m much more likely to care about whether this damn suit is comfortable.

A little food baby isn’t going to require you to go a size up, it’ll just help you make sure you’ve got a good fit.

Also food is awesome and you might as well enjoy something before you go into the fray.

swimsuit 2 How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

Start at the top and the bottom of your budget. When you know what’s out there for $30, it’ll give you a lot of perspective once you get to the pricey ones. You may also find that the most expensive suits are not necessarily your favorites. 

Also don’t be afraid to buy more than one suit. If you find something that works, buy it. If you find something else you like better, buy that and then return the first one. Or you may find two suits that you love that work in really different ways so you opt for both. 

swimsuit 3 How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

Look, no one expects this to be fun. But if you do your job right you won’t have to do this again for a LONG TIME.

Now let’s do this.


First Stop: Macy’s


  • Variety. Way more than you’ll find at a store that only has one brand.
  • Great brand names: Nautica, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors all had plenty of suits there.
  • Sales! More sales, more coupons, more promos than you’ll find at many stores.
  • Suits for all body types, all kinds of coverage and several with built-in bras.


  • Not every store has the same variety. It’ll vary depending on where you are. 
  • You may find yourself in a very sad dressing room. Again, it varies.
  • Rare to find someone there to help you get a new size. Best to bring a friend.

What I Found:

My favorite suit from Macy’s was not one I expected, but it fulfilled all my requirements. And it was on sale so it cost less than $40 to buy both pieces.

macys suit 1 How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

This is basically a bikini with a crochet cover below the cups. But it was unexpectedly flattering. Only downside is that with nothing holding on to the belly, it’s not great for running around. On the plus side: I looked pretty damn sexy in it.

20140614 131552 e1403012526287 How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

The big thing I learned from this suit: emphasizing the boobs can go a long way to help you care less about the belly. And it was possible for me to feel kinda cute and sexy in a suit. A welcome discovery.


Second Stop: Athleta


  • Oh comfy. So comfy. Like yoga clothes for the beach.
  • Lots of options for mix and match two-pieces.
  • Easy online shopping.
  • Lovely dressing rooms, and there was always someone back there to get me more sizes or options.
  • Really good refund policy.


  • Not many brick and mortar locations.
  • Less selection. There’s much more online, but in store is limited.
  • Little in the way of boob support. Skip this one, big-breasted ladies.

What I Found:

I wouldn’t have considered Athleta if a few friends hadn’t given it high marks. I only took two suits back with me to the dressing room. Their one pieces looked too complex for my taste, and even their two-pieces felt the need for a lot of detailing. So yeah, I was skeptical.

Until I put a suit on. And then I was just so happy. It was comfortable. The skirt had shorts beneath it, shorts that ACTUALLY FIT. I can’t remember if I’ve ever worn a pair of swim shorts that actually fit. The shorts have bikini bottoms beneath, and same deal. Actually fit. And I love that the shorts look like cute sport shorts instead of too-tight swim shorts.

athleta suit How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

This suit was not at all too tight on the tummy, the fabric was light and breathable. I just felt like I was wearing a tank top. It also didn’t feel too short, which is a definite plus.

20140616 121331 e1403012452828 How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

(Apologies for the blurry pic.) But boob coverage is one of their weak points. I loved this suit, which also came with lots of cute bottoms, but the boobs were not having it.


Third Stop: Lands End


  • Lots of mix and match options.
  • Lots of colors and styles.
  • Good variety of sizes, including plus-sizes. Lots of cover-ups, too.
  • You can try on suits at Sears if you don’t want to roll the dice online.
  • Lots of suits with underwire bras.


  • So many skirts. Seriously, WTF? (Maybe it was just my story, but crazy.)
  • Prints are okay, but not great.
  • Old-school styles and fabrics.
  • Sears dressing rooms leave much to be desired.

What I Found: 

So I’ve been hearing about Lands End suits for AGES. YEARS. I have walked by them and thought about trying them on plenty of times. I finally bit the bullet and I was… not super impressed.

lands end suit How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

Yes, they have a variety of tops and bottoms. Lots of colors. But not one suit was flattering. Putting them on was horrendous. And once on they were tight and not terribly comfortable. They were everything I don’t really like about swimsuits. Everything I was trying to escape. Everything that made me dread trying on swimsuits in the first place.

They tended to emphasize the belly (especially the pink one) and do nothing for the boobs. I swear the models have their boobs smushed up to get cleavage in these suits or were photo shopped in. So yeah. We did not have much fun.

lands end suits How to Survive Hell (aka Swimsuit Shopping)

Look, it’s not like I look hideous in them. But they kinda look like wearing mom suits. And I definitely wasn’t paying that much for a suit that didn’t do much for my body.


The verdict

I ended up buying both the Macy’s and Athleta suits, but I’ll be taking the Macy’s one back. It was a good one to have in case I didn’t find anything else I like. 

The Athleta suit was more than I wanted to spend. But it really didn’t cost more than a Lands End suit. And I liked it a whole lot more. I also feel pretty confident taking it to the swim park, especially because their return policy is that you can work out in their clothes and return them if they don’t perform. So we’ll see how a day at the water park goes…


Anywhere I missed? Any tips you’d add?

An Open Letter

Dear Hot Girls at the Club,

You are standing at the bar or against the wall and your back is leaning against it so that everyone can see you. You are wearing something tight and short. Your hair falls shiny and perfect past your shoulders. If we were in a well-lit place you’d look amazing, but it’s pretty dark in here so you’re mostly a silhouette. Your feet are strapped in to a pair of heels that I’m guessing are about 6 inches, complete with those platforms at the front that I hate so much. No one can walk in those shoes without looking like a Clydesdale. But you aren’t walking.

You aren’t doing anything. You are standing there with your friends. It’s loud, the music has a beat that makes your bones vibrate and it never pauses for more than a second. You can’t talk with this kind of music. At best you can yell directly into someone’s ear and they understand about half of what you say. But it’s okay for you, you’re not talking. A couple of you pull out your phones now and then and seem very interested in something, but that’s the extent of it.

It’s dark, it’s loud, there are only two things here: the bar and the music. And that’s all you can do: drink and dance. That’s what this place is for. You have  it about half right. You have a drink in your hand. I haven’t seen you drink it, though. 

Then again, maybe you’ve been drinking it a lot. I could’ve missed it. Because I am dancing. And when I dance I tend to focus on that, not so much on who is around and what they’re doing and whether they’re looking at me and what they might be thinking about me. Of course, it’s also presumptuous of me to assume that you’re thinking about these things. I’m just guessing. But I have to guess because I am so confused by you.

What are you doing here? 

Like I said before, I am dancing. It’s not something I do a lot. And by not a lot I mean never. But I’ve been feeling brave lately. (You don’t know this, but “gutsy” is my word of the year.) I am out tonight with my friend Di. At a glance, the two of us don’t appear to have a lot in common with you. We are both well over 30. We’ve had children. Our clothes aren’t as short and as tight as yours. Our heels are definitely not as high. If you catch us at the right moment we might be holding a drink, but that moment doesn’t last long. Because of the dancing.

We don’t dance the way you do, either. Most of you aren’t dancing at all, it’s like you’re standing in a silent room. The few of you that seem to realize there is music have a slight bump in your hip or a little toss of your head. 

We are moving. I close my eyes a lot. Because when my eyes are closed I just stop thinking and when I have my eyes open I get a little more self-conscious. I am not here to care about what anyone thinks. There are guys here, though it’s not my primary goal. I’m here for me, running into a guy could happen here, but it’s okay if it doesn’t.

The funny thing is, though, the guys keep floating around my friend and I. We are cute, but average, especially considering the other girls in the room. There is a bachelor party here, they look like guys in their late 20′s or early 30′s. Younger than us. The kind of guys I’d expect to make a play for you. And yet the only girls they’ve danced with are me and Di. 

We don’t take them home. We barely speak to them. Di and I dance in spite of them or around them more than we dance with them. They seem to think they know what we want. To be honest, I’d prefer it if they just danced and didn’t try so hard. 

One of them says to me, “You’re so sexy, the way you’re dancing, holding your purse. You know exactly what you’re doing.” And I want to laugh. I want to say back to him, “I don’t know exactly what I’m doing. I know nothing. I’m just not thinking about it.” I wonder if he realizes that it’s me not paying much attention to him that has him so interested. But it hasn’t occurred to him. He, I’d bet, is used to girls like you who seem so calculated. If we were having dinner, I’d be itching to leave, but it matters less here. I can keep dancing, so I do.

He brings us tequila shots. Which apparently is an effort to distract us from the fact that the next 2 rounds he brings us are Bud Light. Is this what club guys are like? I don’t know. I’d guess that you do, but like I said, I’d be assuming. It’s possible that you never do this either. It’s possible that you’re standing there on the sidelines because you don’t know what to do.

This guy, he’s not a total mystery. He either does this all the time or this is the first time he’s done this in ages.

My friend and I aren’t a mystery either.

You’re the ones I don’t understand. Maybe there’s something I’m missing.  There is a lot of dancing but it isn’t a really jubilant kind of dancing. And there isn’t much joy radiating from you, either.

But it’s too loud for me to ask you any questions. I’m not sure I would if I could, because there’s something about the way you’re standing there that makes me think you don’t want anyone to talk to you. (But this could, once again, just be me.)

So I hope you had a good night. I hope you enjoyed yourself somehow. I hope you got what you came for, even if I have no idea what that is. It will probably be a while before I see you again. This isn’t something I can do all the time. It wiped me out for much of the next day and my feet are still sore. I want to save it so it stays crazy and fun and a little bit magical. 

Until then,

The Girl Who Just Danced

Jess Is Crazy. This Should Not Be A Surprise.

It takes so little to activate my neuroses. As long as you know what you’re doing.

I don’t have much in the way of girl skills. You know, hair, make-up, clothes, general cute-ness. So I spent a couple decades throwing my hair back, wearing little make-up, making it through each day in jeans and a nondescript tee, and just not caring about my general cute-ness.

But since I decided to let my curly hair do its thing, I am faced with hair. So much hair. So big. All the hairs. Hairs everywhere.

You guys it’s frightening.

 IMG 20140606 104332 e1402604200964 Jess Is Crazy. This Should Not Be A Surprise.

See? I warned you.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Jessica, that wasn’t at all frightening. You are acting like a crazy person. You just look like a person who has curly hair.

And you are right. But I am not USED to it. So to me I look like me with a big frizzy animal on top of my head.

But the thing is that when I’m not looking at myself in the mirror and freaking out, I dig the fact that my hair is down, that I have a different look, that it draws some attention away from my ridiculously chubby cheeks.

I’m also starting to put more effort in on the style front. I don’t get to do much shopping, but when I do I select pieces carefully. I am buying more dresses and no tee-shirts. I wear jewelry, minimal but still. And I may even have a scarf on some days.

I’m also slowly working on the make-up front. Phyllis posted an article on drugstore make-up on Facebook, which sent me down a rabbit hole, and then had me obsessively looking at red lipsticks and thinking Hey, Taylor Swift can do itwhy can’t I? and let’s just ignore the hilarity of that thought and move on.

So during my lunch break I went to Sephora and found myself a cheap red lipstick.

And now every time I look in the mirror I am freaking out. Red lipstick! Bright lipstick! Holy crap all the lipstick and the redness and the bright and bold color!

IMG 20140612 122525 e1402603689891 Jess Is Crazy. This Should Not Be A Surprise.


Yup, terrifying stuff. 

Though, to be fair, when I picked up Graham from school with my super red lips (although they’re actually kinda pink, otherwise it tends to look orange-y against my pink-ish skin) he stopped and said, “Mom, how did your lips turn?” I explained I got a new lipstick. He told his friend, “Hey, what do you think of my mom’s lips? She got a new lipstick.” So it’s definitely noticeable. Mission bold lips was for sure accomplished. If I had a baby would they have recognized me?

But still, not such a bad thing, right? Getting outside my comfort zone, doing something that I don’t do every single day. I have to keep telling myself that.

I’ve started instagramming when I get self-conscious like this. Because if I just come out and say, “I know I look normal but I don’t FEEL like I look normal,” it somehow helps. And I have faith that my friends would jump in and say, “OH HONEY NO,” if I really didn’t look normal.

Now, if you don’t mind, me, my giant hair and my clown lips have things to do.

Skinny Jeans: My Fashion Frenemy

There is no perfect outfit. This is the conclusion that I’ve come to. 

I came to it as I was ruminating on skinny jeans. I know, my brain is a fascinating place. Why was I thinking about skinny jeans? Well, all the girls at work wear them all the time while I max out at twice a week and I have been wondering why I’m so much more self-conscious when I wear them. I always have to survey myself in the full-length mirror at work (I don’t have one at home) and wonder, “Does this really look okay?”

Part of it is the delicate balance skinny jeans require. My hips and butt are bigger than most of the 20-somethings at work, but I also have unusually skinny calves. So there is the danger of looking like an ostrich with teeny legs and a giant middle. The skinny jean has to be balanced by a top with some shape and volume to make the big-ness in the middle not so obviously big. This is not my favorite, because while the tunic or sweater or whatever it is does me a favor by drawing attention away from my post-baby belly, but it also de-emphasizes my petite shoulders and happily average boobs. My old friend, the boot cut jean, hugged hips and butt, with a fitted shirt it celebrated the shoulders and boobs… but then there was the problem of the belly, and my dainty calves got lost in the wide leg of the pants. 

The other big problem I have with skinny jeans, is that since they draw the eye downward, it’s crucial that they be paired with an excellent pair of shoes. I am very lacking in the shoe department. I spend most days in the sneakers I bought while pregnant with Tessa (no laces, great when you have trouble bending). I have a few clunky pairs of shoes over a decade old from the height of the flare and boot cut era when big chunky shoes were all the rage. I have a couple pairs of flats that are basic enough to match as many outfits as possible, nothing to write home about. So yeah, apparently shoes need to be something I pay more attention to. 

Shoes have never been something I get all crazy about. I like my feet comfortable and my clothes affordable and neither of these things meshes with being a shoe girl. I’m looking for a comfortable pair of wedges or espadrilles, a bright and colorful pair of flats, maybe a cute pair of boat shoes. I’m really trying to make an effort. Or at least I’m attempting to try to make an effort. I’m planning to attempt to try to make an effort once I have some time.

The fact that I have to think about this stuff in the midst of parenting children, working full-time, blogging when I can swing it, attempting to date, and all the other things I’m trying to squeeze into my 24 little hours each day is probably a big reason why my wardrobe is in such sad shape. I really need someone to donate their services to me as a personal stylist. A personal stylist who believes in comfortable shoes. 

Getting a Ouidad Haircut

Time for another update in my ongoing curly hair saga. I got a cut in the fall from someone besides my normal stylist and it didn’t go great. Which got me thinking about getting a cut from a curl expert. When I started asking around I found out about Ouidad. And, whaddya know, we have a Ouidad salon here in Boston. My Mom is a big believer in doing everything you can to look your best, so she gave me a Ouidad cut as a birthday present and I finally got a chance to redeem it last month.

So what’s the difference between a Ouidad cut and a regular one? I can’t say exactly, but I can tell you that my Ouidad cut didn’t go anything like a normal one. They call it “carve and slice” and it’s a totally different approach. My stylist, Susanne, used Ouidad products from start to finish and told me exactly what she was doing every step of the way. It was also one of those rare times where I felt like I was able to get my stylist on the same page I was for what I wanted.

The Ouidad cut makes room for each curl to avoid the Christmas tree look. They also use their “rake and shake” method instead of the more common scrunching to define curls. 

I watched pretty closely because like most people, I’m terrible at reproducing a salon look at home. 

She also gave me some great advice about my curls. The top is barely curly at all and the bottom is much bouncier. She advised me to stop pulling my hair back so tightly (which I need to be better about) and when I’m styling I now use duck bill clips to boost my hair near the top of my head to give it a little more volume through the day.

Since then I’ve been wearing my hair done a LOT more, which was the main goal for the new cut. I needed my curls to be able to work on a regular basis, to get away from my default ponytail. 

 Getting a Ouidad HaircutAnd the cut itself? Pictures speak louder than words.

My ability to recreate it? Well, I’m still working on it. I can’t figure out how she was able to get those curls so perfect and defined without having them separate the way they do when I do my hair. I love the thickness of those curls, they’re what I’ve dreamed about since I went curly.

My day-to-day look is more like this next picture. But I love how the cut keeps the curls managed so I don’t have out of control crazy hair. A pin or a clip to pull it back or a quick tuck behind the ears seems to do the trick. 

 Getting a Ouidad HaircutAs for product, I went home with one shampoo, one conditioner and the conditioning spray. I only use the shampoo once a week. The conditioner is AMAZING, it’s kind of foamy and you apply it section by section, which is pretty similar to how you style in the Ouidad method.

I still have a bunch of drugstore styling cream left and I’m going through it. It seems to work out okay even if it’s a bit crunchy now and then. 

The rake and shake, which is super easy, is the only real change. I’m still using a t-shirt to dry my hair for a couple minutes before I style. I have a wide-toothed comb, no brush. And except for my one Ouidad shampoo, I’m using my normal shampoo the rest of the time.

So am I happy with it? Yup. 

The problem? It’s pricey. I’m wondering if I can afford to go back or if I can try some other options. But I’m not positive anything will work this well and being able to wear my hair down with this little effort is worth a lot to me. I feel like I have to go back at least once to ask her secret to getting those soft, big, gorgeous curls from that first day. 

Anyone else try Ouidad cuts?


Trying on Warby Parker at Home

affiliate links pic Trying on Warby Parker at HomeIf I can do something at home or online, I absolutely will. Grocery shopping, bill paying, and of course trying on glasses. My current pair of glasses came from a home try-on program at Fetch Eyewear, but I’m always looking for a new style that I love. So I decided to give Warby Parker a try.

WPlogo Trying on Warby Parker at HomeThe first thing I noticed about Warby Parker? Wow, they have a lot of styles. 

 warby parker Trying on Warby Parker at Home

And I love how you can see the different colors of frames available without having to click through to the specific style. Most frames have one more neutral frame and one with a brighter color. I love that. I am so craving a bright colored set of frames. Maybe something blue to compliment my eyes?

Oh, and did I mention that for every pair of Warby Parker frames you buy they donate a pair to a nonprofit that helps provide glasses to low-income people in need.

It took me a while to make a list of just five for the home try-on program. I decided to get a few more rectangular and a few more round. I remembered a few things from my last round of frame attempts: a strong brow that has some shape is good, round can work but it has to be just right. 

I opted for a couple things I hadn’t tried before and ended up with my list of five.

rowan optical graphite fog front Trying on Warby Parker at HomeRowan was an attempt to try something new, an interesting brow line, a rectangular style, but the heavy top frame with a much lighter bottom. I had no idea if it would work. That’s how I always feel about glasses, there’s no way of knowing until you actually put them on.


linwood optical violet magnolia front 2 Trying on Warby Parker at HomeLinwood was perhaps my first choice and an easy one. Rectangular but not too slim, and I’ve never tried on a pair of tortoiseshell glasses before. (Though technically they call it “violet magnolia,” and you can see the blue-ish tinge in the color.)
 Trying on Warby Parker at HomeNedwin was another easy choice. A more classic pair of skinny rectangles, I liked the soft shape at the bottom of the frame. The color was also swoon-worthy. While my eyes are blue, they do have strong shades of green and I was intrigued by what they’d look like.


finch optical grenadine front Trying on Warby Parker at HomeFinch was my experimental round-ish pair. The brow line is one that’s worked well on me in the past. I knew these were a long shot, but I like to throw a few unusual choices in there because you never know when they’ll surprise you.


baxter optical pinot noir front 1 Trying on Warby Parker at HomeBaxter was another more unusual choice, something outside my normal wheelhouse. I’ve never tried on frames that are this square and I thought, why not?


I put in my list and that was that. I will give you an advance warning: Warby Parker put 4 of my glasses in the home try-on portion of my cart and then put one down as a purchase and required a credit card. 

 Trying on Warby Parker at Home

It didn’t take long for them to show up at my door in a cute box. I didn’t wait long to pull them out and try them on. 

So how did they work? 

The square Baxters were an automatic out. I didn’t even snap a pic. There’s always one that just doesn’t work. Which left four options. I submitted it to an internet vote, too.

Warby Rowan e1394379976636 Trying on Warby Parker at Home

The Rowans weren’t a win. While I liked the color of “graphite fog” a lot, not too neutral and not too bright, it just wasn’t the right fit for me. The business-like accents at the corners aren’t really my style. But the dealbreaker was the bit right above the nose. Too heavy for my little nose. And I felt like the lightness at the bottom of the frame actually made my chubbier cheeks look rounder instead of drawing attention away from them, which is usually what I try to do with my glasses.

But you can definitely see how a pair like this could work really well on the right person, especially a guy. 

Rowan votes: 0


Warby Linwood e1394380396939 Trying on Warby Parker at HomeNext up was the Linwood. They were not as rectangular as I expected from online, but I didn’t care. Because I loved them. It was pretty immediate and obvious what my favorite pair would be.

The tortoiseshell style color makes it less in-your-face than my current all-black frames, and the rectangular style helps to thin my cheeks and draw the eye up. 

The only thing on my wish list was that these came in a blue, green or gray shade that might have gone better with my eyes. Still, those violet accents are nice, I’d love to see how they work in daylight.

Linwood votes: 12. 


Warby Nedwin e1394380824766 Trying on Warby Parker at Home

Nedwin’s greeen didn’t quite shine through the way I’d hoped it would, the color is just a bit yellow-ish for my pink-tinted skin. I still like rectangles on my face, they work pretty well for me, and I like the softness of the angles in this frame more than other rectangles I’ve worn in the past. 

These would make a nice low-key frame for me, more of a compliment to my current pair than a totally new style. Something I’d wear when I didn’t want my glasses to be the first thing people paid attention to.

The one big problem I have with rectangles? They make it very obvious that my eyes are not symmetrical. (Take a look, the eye on the left in this photo is lower in the lens than the eye on the right.) In this picture I tried hard to make it less obvious with a well-placed camera angle.

Nedwin votes: 8


Warby Finch e1394381254343 Trying on Warby Parker at HomeFrom the picture you probably won’t find it surprising that I call these my Sally Jesse Raphael glasses. I like the red more than I expected and I even liked the round more than I expected but I think they’re just a little bit too statement-making glasses for me. 

I wish the red were just a bit more bright and a bit less ruddy, I wish my eyes weren’t quite so close together so these frames don’t look quite so enormous on me. Because they’re close to being cool on me, but not quite there. Still, not at all how I thought they’d look.

Finch votes: 2


All in all, I was pretty impressed with my frames. They weren’t too heavy, they seemed nice and durable. I found the sizing to be somewhat on the small side so do keep that in mind if you’re looking at the width of your frames. For now I’m waiting on getting a new pair but I’ll definitely be back since I’m in need of a pair of prescription shades and I’m the proud new owner of a flex-spending account and vision insurance. That’ll be another fun try-on, I admit I enjoy this part of the process way too much. Getting input from Instagram and Facebook is my favorite thing about the home try-on glasses programs.

The try-on program was easy and the shipping was fast. They’re shipped UPS so return shipping is as simple as dropping the box with its return label into any UPS dropoff box. If you decide you want to keep a pair you send them back with the others so you can get your lenses. You can try on 5 pairs of glasses or sunglasses for free with their home try-on program